About Moi

Everything you already knew about us, now with more boring details.

What do you think?  Should “about me” pages be simple and brief, or full of detail?  Plz advise kthxbai.


4 thoughts on “About Moi

  1. It really depends on the blogger’s preferences. I look for the basics from an about page. So basically if I stumble across a blog and read a few entries where I’ve been plunged into the middle, I’d like to be able to turn to the about section to find answers to the questions I have about the background to the posts. So for example if a blogger has a child with some sort of disability that they write about frequently, I would like to be able to look in the about page to find out what exactly the disability is that the blogger is mentioning as though all the readers already knew all the details. So those vague about pages that really don’t say much piss me off. How much detail is provided beyond the basics is totally up to the blogger, though.

    • Yes, I do this too with about pages. Also, I like to have a run-down of who’s who, so when the blogger mentions “Phil”, I can easily figure out/remember who Phil IS.

      I don’t know; I might make it more basic again, and then link to a page that’s a blog post about us. (The blog post would probably be exactly what I have up in the “about” section now.)… You know? With blogger, I never thought about so many of these details!

  2. I love it! I like the who’s who-type of About page, and I think you capture your cast of characters nicely. Also, you didn’t put too much info in there that will get out of date quickly, which is the pitfall of most bios. Well done!

  3. I like LONG, DETAILED About Me pages, because usually if I’m going there it’s because I’m newish to a blog and feel like I’m having trouble figuring things out. I want to be able to look up whatever I’m confused about.

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