Long Weekend

This weekend is “MEA” here in MN, which basically means the schools are closed on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday state-wide.  Or maybe just our school was closed Wednesday, but ALL schools are closed Thursday and Friday?  Not sure, but the point is, this is an annual long weekend when you have school-aged children.

This year, we have some very not-firm plans to go out of town for the weekend.  And then those plans changed.  And then we made some other tentative plans, and then those plans changed.  By that time, it was almost MEA, and we decided to stay home.  David had already taken the time off work, and to my utter surprise, he actually TOOK THE TIME OFF WORK, even though we are home, just minutes from his office.

While I love traveling to see family and friends, can I tell you how awesome the past two days have been?  We’ve had 2 Saturdays in a row, and it’s not even really Saturday yet!  Yesterday morning, we took the kids to  story time at the library, to Target for snow boots and snow pants (have to buy both of those things early, or they run out of stock and then promptly start stocking next summer’s line), figured out the girls’ Halloween costumes, and just futzed around.  And then, after all of that, Tea and her children came to town (they live an hour away) for a sleepover.

I don’t need to tell you about our night of debauchery– suffice is to say I’ve been drinking a lot of water today, without peeing hardly at all– but it felt like a vacation.  They left right away this morning, and I’m still in my pajamas as I write this.  David brought home a projector and screen from the office and the girls have been playing Wii and watching movies on the big screen in the attic, while  I found all of the kids winter clothes and brought them down.

David told me this morning that this is the first time– EVAR– that he’s taken time off work to just stay home.  (I suppose paternity leave after our babies were born does not count).  It’s been wonderful, you guys.  No plans, but enough going on to feel productive…  I highly recommend it.

After nap time this afternoon, we are going into the City to a family fun night downtown.  With Tea and her family.  And then we are staying over at their house.  And THEN the actual weekend will begin.

Will you forgive me if I use the much over-used term and say that this weekend is full of awesomesauce?


7 thoughts on “Long Weekend

  1. This reminded me that my coworker INSISTED yesterday that Duluth only had half of Thursday and all of Friday off, even though I was pretty sure that the entire state was supposed to have all day Thursday and Friday off. I just looked, and he is right. If I was a parent of a school-aged child in the Duluth district I would be PISSED. Because I love MEA break. No actual holiday, but a good time to go somewhere anyway!
    Glad you guys are enjoying yourselves. Sorry for the mini-rant.

  2. I love home vacations. I used to try to take at least one a year. Since I took a big bite out of my annual leave taking maternity leave I probably won’t get to this year. But am looking forward to one next year. No travel, just relaxation and freedom. So great!

  3. Awesomesauce! I love it.

    This weekend sounds really fantastic.

    I didn’t comment yet on your previous post regarding what you want to be when you grow up.

    Oddly, I sort of accidently fell into my current profession. I’ve always loved the outdoors, but I sort of applied to graduate schools in Wildlife on a whim. Seriously. I took the GRE, thinking I might want to get that done before I forgot all my geometry. And then I got a fellowship, and a research assistantship, and suddenly I was all knee deep in urban deer research in MN. It’s one of my life’s best accidents.

  4. We have something like that the weekend of Halloween (the Monday and Tuesday after off). We were thinking of a long weekend but Partner is too busy at work. I’m glad D took the time off. It sounds nice.

  5. Matt sometimes takes off the Friday before we have everyone over to celebrate Harper’s fall birthday. It is completely awesome to have two adults around on a weekday and be able to just get things done and STILL have time to enjoy each other. Love that.

    Your weekend sounds incredible – I can’t wait to hear about the rest of it!

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