Gift, Unexpected

Last night, in the midst of my temper tantrum, David popped his head into our bedroom and tossed a yellow envelope on the bed.  “For you,” he muttered before closing the door and leaving me to my pity party.

And do you know what?  It was a little gift from blog reader Kelsey of Midwest Mom!  She included a card, a beautiful little notebook- the exact kind I love and use, a really pretty “book thong” (SNORT!  Love the name of it!), and a mixed CD which I am listening to this very minute and LOVING.  I mean, it’s not like I have a developed musical taste beyond “… Indigo Girls?  and, ummmmmm… Dar Williams?”, but I love EVERY SONG she included.

Her note indicated that she was sending the package for no particular reason other than she’d been thinking about me and the whole babywant saga.  (More to come soon on how things stand with this situation.)

The fact that a little gift literally plopped down beside me while I pouted about how much my life sucks?  That was awesome.  Could her timing BE any more impeccable?

I’ve wondered, sometimes, about exposing myself so much here on this blog.  All day today I’ve wanted to write a rebuttal of sorts, proving to you all that my kids really ARE wonderful little people and that my life really IS good.  I’m feeling guilty about portraying them is such a poor light yesterday, I guess.  But that’s just it:  each post is just a snippet of my life, of our lives, and no matter how much we write we could never portray the entirety and complexity of it.

Kelsey’s thoughtfulness just reaffirmed my belief in what I’m doing with this space.  You guys already know my kids are basically good.  I don’t need to prove it.  I can talk about the things that suck without it meaning (and without you thinking) that globally things suck.

Thank you Kelsey!  You honestly made my day better.


6 thoughts on “Gift, Unexpected

  1. I have received PILES of baby gifts from blog readers I’ve never even MET. People are just NICE and that’s true in blogland too. Of course there are exceptions but overall, I am constantly blown away by the things people are willing to do for each other.

  2. I think it goes without saying that you love your kids and they are basically really good kids. I mean, if the most we have to complain about in this space is the fact that we are frustrated with our kids complaining about the food we prepare, I figure we are all pretty darned lucky. That doesn’t mean we don’t get to complain because damn it sometimes they are working our last nerve like no one else can.

  3. True readers will know you have good kids. No one doubts that. Or that you love them with every ounce of your being. But we also know that writing about all sunshine and rainbows just isn’t realistic. Unicorns aren’t what we need to vent about, it’s the little freaking piles of unicorn crap that inevitably crop up.

    I’m glad you got the package on a much needed day!

  4. I love your posts. Because I lose it, I let things grate on my nerves, I’m very petty some days, and I’m pretty sure my children are the biggest ungrateful brats some days. And then, I feel guilty. Pretty sure I must be the worst mom in the world. But reading things like this…makes me pretty sure my family is NORMAL. We have ups and downs, good days and bad, and so does everyone else! It’s just that very few people want to admit it!

    And I wish I had an answer on the eating thing. My girls just both ate huge portions of broccoli at Applebees last night, picked that out over french fries. They don’t get it from me, the only veggie I eat is corn…kids will be who they will be and in the end I think we have very little control over it!

  5. Ditto the rest of the bunch: we know you love your kids and we know they’re awesome. But they’re kids. And they just don’t deserve that corn chowder SO SEND IT TO ME. 😉

    (Actually, sorry, I take that back: my gaping maw is currently too full of Halloween candy to eat any.)

    Anyway, I’m so glad you got such a nice, well-timed gift. You deserve it.

  6. Oh yay!!! I’m so so glad you liked everything. As I was doing it I kind of wondered, will this seem stalkerish or just nice? Nice wins!

    Making CDs for people is one of my favorite things in the world, so I’m really glad you like that. 🙂

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