I’ll Gladly Accept My Medal Now, Thanks

So, despite being so grumpy about all the various events my kids were asked to dress up for this week, I buckled down and becostumed my children.  Repeatedly.  And by “repeatedly” I mean twice.  Oh, ok, so it’s not that big of a deal and I was being a whiner.  WHAT OF IT?

Marin dressed up in her black kitty costume for her preschool Halloween party.

Posie is all “What the MEOW!   We have another cat in the house?”

We came up with a last-minute scarecrow costume for Joan and Kate’s Scarecrow Day at school.  And felt pretty smug doing so, since it was, like, 8pm the night before, before we gave it any thought.  (Please note the forlorn expressions are contrived as the girls believe this is the Universal Scarecrow Face.)

Wheeeee!  Look at me, being all compliant with the schools’ Halloween parties!  I’m, like, a normal mom!

Though, we skipped the downtown trick-or-treating on Thursday night, and we are skipping a Halloween costume party tonight.  And we ALSO have not yet carved our pumpkins NOR found our bin of Halloween decorations yet.  Despite all of that, I still believe we deserve a medal for our “efforts” this year.  In fact, I think skipping some of these things has restored some of our Halloween mojo.

I am looking forward to tomorrow night.  I actually LIKE Halloween, when the date is October 31st.  And adult beverages are an option.


8 thoughts on “I’ll Gladly Accept My Medal Now, Thanks

  1. Thanks, Swis! No one ever says that (about any of our kids) and no one besides my grandma think they look like David either. But they must? Look like one of us? Anyway, it’s fun to hear that she looks like me, b/c if I’m being honest I can’t really tell who they look like either. (I always thought I would have those magic moments when my kid(s) beamed up at me looking for all the world like _________. It has yet to happen.)

    • Oh, wait, I’m just remembering that a photo I took of Joan looked just like one of my cousins at that age. But honestly, I hardly ever see any family resemblance. So weird.

  2. I would be grumpy about making a highly specific second costume on short notice for sure. My son had three opportunities to wear his costume (school parade, town parade and Halloween proper) but at least it was the same one every time.

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