Here We Go Again

So, remember last year, when I was so distraught about our local school levy not passing?

Yep, here we are, 2nd verse same as the first.  A little bit louder and a whole lot worse.  Or better.  I hope.

But holy cow is it nerve-wracking waiting for the results to come in.  Of course, there are several other races that I’ve got my eye on, but early results are favorable for a couple of those, so it’s the school levy that’s the wild card.

I remember when politics meant nothing to me, and then when they meant very little to me, and then when they were actually really interesting to me, and then when I was ON FIRE OMG GO TEAM GO.  I’m still passionate about my beliefs, but this whole school funding thing is different.  It’s personal.  It’s the difference from keeping out little school system (that currently rakes in the top three for the state, wins many distinguishing awards every year, and is all around kick ass) from having to make cuts that will absolutely effect the quality of education.  It’s about the kids, for fucks sake, and not just my kids but all the kids.  It’s about the same people who voted in our current governor because they wanted “no big government” and to keep “decisions and spending local” but then when asked to vote on a local tax to help our local school they are all like WHAT, YOU WANT MY MONEY? THE STATE AND FEDERAL GOVERNMENT SHOULD PROVIDE MORE FUNDING and vote no.  I’m sorry, but WHA?

As you can see, I’m easily worked into a lather about this.

I think I’m going to have to go catch up on Parenthood and Greys, to keep myself from gnawing my fingers raw while I wait.

See ya on the flip!  (Hold me.)


4 thoughts on “Here We Go Again

  1. Man do I hear this. Living in the Pacific NW we have been fighting the school spending cuts battle for years even before this crap economy because our state just doesn’t think school is that important or something?? We already have one of the shortest school years in the country and yet we are constantly under the threat of cutting more days due to lack of funding. My husband and I had discussions last time about just how little school is acceptable before we have to figure out some way to pay for private school. This issue makes me so mad I can feel my heart rate increasing just thinking about it. So god damned frustrating. ARGH. OK going to read something silly and pointless on the internet now so I can stop thinking about this.

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