Burning Questions

1.  Does your child say the Pledge of Allegiance at school?  Is it a public or private school?

(There is this facebook spam going around- you know the “post this as your status if you love your country” that purports that EVERYTHING that is wrong with the WORLD is because we don’t say the Pledge anymore in schools… except that I think that many- most?- schools still do.  So I’m doing anecdotal research.  Because why get our panties all in a bunch on facebook if most schools still use it, amiright?)  (Also, for the record, I don’t really have an opinion either way if my kids say it or not.)  (But they do.)

2.  When eating roasted pumpkin seeds, do you eat them with the shells ON or OFF?

(It has never once occurred to me to “shell” them, until I mention their yummy-yet-stick-like quality on facebook and someone asked me if I shelled them.  Um…..?????  Also, now that I am privy to this information, I’ve tried it and I cannot shell a roasted pumpkin seed to save my life.)

3.  Do you have a vibrator?

(Ha, ha, ha.  Do you like how I snuck this one in there?  I’m wondering if you have one that you use either solo or with your partner.  Of course, please feel free to go anon on this one.  And I’ll share my own vibrator thoughts with ya’ll soon.)


26 thoughts on “Burning Questions

  1. Okay, I’ll bite, Marie:

    1. They do say the pledge, and I don’t care either way either. They learned it in kindergarten. Perhaps it’s part of the CA schools standards? hahahahhaa

    2. Cannot shell a pumpkin seed. I always marvel at the ones on the pumpkin bread at Starbucks because they don’t look anything like the ones I get out of the pumpkin at home. Perhaps it’s a different kind of pumpkin?

    3. Uhhhh, no….That’s all about that one, but I look forward to reading your thoughts….

  2. I have four kids in school, and four of them say the Pledge. What I wish is that we could go back to the original version, which did not contain the words “under God.)

  3. They say the Pledge at Ava’s DAYCARE, and have since the kids were in the toddler room. I’m pretty sure they do it in public schools here also. And, fun fact, there is a TEXAS PLEDGE. To the TEXAS FLAG. True story. Gawd.

    I have never attempted to shell a pumpkin seed. Because it is impossible. The end.

    Yes, I have a vibrator (s).

  4. 1 – Canadian, so no Pledge reciting going on. In 4th grade, I had to say the Lord’s Prayer, but that would never happen nowadays.

    2 – pumpkin seeds have SHELLS? I just eat them, it never occurred to me they might have shells.

    3 – yes. To both questions.

  5. 1) Kid is 18 months old…so not yet.

    2)Totally have never heartd of shelling pumpkin seeds. Curious.

    3)Yes-2. I use them with and without the husband…though not simultaneously 😉

  6. 1- yes, I think so. hmm maybe I should ask.

    2- never tried it myself but you can buy pumpkin seeds in the store and they are all green like, I assume they are shelled.

    3- used to have one that connected to a cock ring. Fun for both parties. Got rid of it when we divorced (did NOT want to use it again) and don’t have a reason to get one by myself.

  7. I volunteer at a public school in San Francisco and they do not say the Pledge. They have an individual school pledge they say everyday about doing their best for themselves, their family, and for their community.

  8. I don’t know if they say it in my son’s preschool, but they do say it in the school where husband works.

    I didn’t even know it was possible to shell a pumpkin seed.

    No, but I wish I did.

  9. These are all such different – and yet equally awesome – questions!

    1. I don’t have a kid (that’s not outside my uterus, that is), but I work in a place where adults say the Pledge of Allegiance every day and I never really gave it a second thought until one day I was like, Holy crap, NOTHING has changed, has it? When I stop to think about it, the whole reciting the pledge thing – every day, in unison, hand over heart – strikes me as kind of ironic because it’s totally one of those things that is SO institutional and mandatory and kind of brain-washy-y that only those Big Bad Communist Countries would do and yet here’s America, acting like we’re in no way like them. Except for forcing our children (and adults!) to recite the same mantra over and over again. But no, I have no opinion on it. Honestly 🙂

    2. No, but I did read a horrifying story on the Internet about a girl who ate nothing but pumpkin seeds for a week and the gastrointestinal issues that ensued.

    3. Nope.

  10. At my son’s school the K-2 graders say it while they wait in the gym to go to class in the morning – not sure about the 3-5 graders since they wait in another place.

    I eat my pumpkin seeds shells and all – never thought to shell them. Don’t shell sunflower seeds either.

    Yes, and have used it both ways (would have totally chickened out on answering this if not for the commenters before me who handled this question like the adult I try to be…)

  11. Actually, I DO love how you snuck that last one in there!

    1. They are in preschool, and don’t say the pledge there.
    2. Never shelled, never knew you could!
    3. Yes – and I love this one: http://www.amazon.com/Berman-Center-Athena-Waterproof-Massager/dp/B000C9MB74/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=hpc&qid=1289269799&sr=1-1
    Sadly, I had dreams for years that I owned one and was always too shy to get one. I finally decided to get this one (cause Amazon is so EASY!) while my husband was away. I didn’t hide it, and didn’t put it in plain sight either. When he found it, turns out he thought it was a great idea, so sometimes solo for me, sometimes together.

  12. 1. We’re still in preschool, so no. But we’re in a conservative town so I’m SURE they recite in it school.
    2. Whatyoutalkinabout Willis? Aren’t the shells all there is, pretty much?
    3. Yes, both. 🙂

  13. My baby is 9 months old, so I don’t know if the kids around here say the pledge. I would guess so, because we are in a rural(ish) area (according to some people), and it seems to hang on longer those places.
    I’m in the camp that didn’t know you COULD shell pumpkin seeds. Did your facebook friend tell you how to accomplish this? Because I like pumpkin seeds in theory, but find them too stick-like in reality. I would be interested in shelling them, if possible.
    No. Oh, wait! I did get one for my bachelorette party, but it hasn’t seen the light of day since then. I’m not sure why not.

  14. 1. Don’t have kids yet. Did not say the Pledge myself in school. It was a private school.

    2. I shell them, but on the ones that are hard to shell I’ll just eat the whole thing.

    3. I own one that was a gift from a friend in college (it’s purple and was kind of a gag gift though when I looked it up I learned that it is pretty good quality). I haven’t actually used it in years.

  15. 1. They say it at Maddie’s preschool and she used to say it at daycare when I was working. I think the Texas public schools all say it, too.

    2. Both. I prefer them with the shells still on, but I’ll buy them already hulled, too. I can take them out of the shell when I’m eating them, but usually I’m too lazy and just eat the whole thing.

    3. Yes and I use it solo and with my husband.

  16. 1. Public school and yes, they say it. We live in a very conservative town, and there would be an absolute public outcry if anyone tried to change that policy. I am with you, no particularly strong feelings one way or the other.

    2. OMG! I had know idea that you could even DO that. I have never really been a sunflower seed eater because IMO… so much effort for so little actual food. So, unless someone else was doing the shelling, I will forgo the seeds.

    3. I am with Maggie on this one… would have just skipped this answer, but everyone else is being so damned OPEN, so what the Hell? Yes… and just with my husband.

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  18. I was eating pumpkin seeds (shells on) when I opened this post. What a coincidence, no? Though not as much as if I’d also been reciting the pledge and using a vibrator, I suppose.

  19. Pledge every day, including a pledge to the OK state flag, never heard of such a thing before. Also, a “moment of silence,” which is stated can be used for “quiet reflection or prayer.”

    Pumpkin seeds can be shelled?

    Uh, yes. To both.

  20. I teach public high school in central Wisconsin. Yep, we have the opportunity to say the pledge every day, right away in the morning. Most kids stand and face the flag, but don’t actually say the words. It’s my impression that most schools near here have similar procedure.

    On Veteran’s Day, we actually didn’t say the pledge in the morning, because we were going to sing the Star Spangled Banner at the Veteran’s Day Memorial Assembly, and the kids were weirdly shaken. It was like the didn’t have the first step of their daily routine, so the second step was much harder to take.

  21. I teach in the San Francisco Bay area, and we do not say the pledge. It was really interesting to read that other schools do. To me it seems a like a little bit of a sticky issue with the “under God” bit. Maybe it depends on where you are?

  22. 1. Pledge every day, National Anthem every Monday. I sing along.
    2. I didn’t know you could shell pumpkin seeds, but it’s 6am here and I already have pumpkin bread in the oven, for what it’s worth.
    3. No, but I did just order one from the link Christina posted.

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