Not Really An Update, I’m Sorry To Say

I’ve been staring at this empty box all day.  It’s been patiently waiting for me to fill it with words.  I just… I don’t feel like I have enough clarity about our current situation to write about it.  Do you know this feeling?

Among other things, I’m grieving a baby that will never be.  At least, I think that’s the accurate way to describe this emotion.  These emotions.

So anyway, along those lines, I don’t have much more to say right now, except thank you.  Thank you, internets– and by internets I mean all of the wonderful people who live in my computer screen– for the warmth and support that I feel whenever I write about difficult things.  Really, thank you.  It’s been a sad couple of days, but each comment was so soothing and/or reaffirming and/or RIGHT ON…  You really helped a ton.


Moving onto a different subject (one that I intent to write about when I have a bit more kick/pep/humor to my mood):  I was blown away by your forthcoming and honesty on my questions post, specifically regarding the vibrator question.  I am an owner and user and fan myself, and I sort of expected to have to… convince you all.  BUT!  So many of you are also owners and users, so I’m feeling very encouraged.  Together we can convert our fellow doubters!

As I said, more on this later.


Tomorrow I get to get in my car ALONE and drive south until I reach Missouri.  I get to see my best friend (East Coast Anne) and sleep with her in a hotel room.  Sure, there’s the business of her grandma’s funeral, which really does suck.  But I think a nice long trip outta dodge is just what will help clear my mind and settle my heart.

Again, thank you, friends.


9 thoughts on “Not Really An Update, I’m Sorry To Say

    • I know, right? I keep reworking it in my head to see if I can SEE you somehow… but it won’t work. THIS TIME. There WILL be a time, though, right? (We both know the answer is yes.) Thanks for your kind thoughts. 😉

  1. ok, I’m just catching up. I am so, so, so amazingly sorry. Again, my heart hurts, I am so, so, so sorry. We are here for you, I am here for you. Don’t ever hesitate to reach out. I will grab you…

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