It has finally snowed in earnest here, making it (in my book, anyway) officially winter.  The snow gear has been retrieved from the attic, the kids are tramping home from school in snow boots every day, and I can be found toodling around town in a gigantic black, down filled monstrosity of a coat.  You can raise your eyebrow at my dubious “fashion choice” if you want, but that bitch is warm.

On the first morning we woke to a blanket of white, Marin nearly lost her mind with excitement.  She has been waiting and waiting for real snow, and on more than one occasion she has tricked herself into to thinking it was her lucky day, only to be schooled on the realities of a hard frost.

If you look closely in that photo (above), you’ll notice a slight milk moustache.  That’s because she was dressed in her parka and ready to hit it at approximately 6:48 am.  The sad thing was, it was a Saturday morning wherein her big sisters had spent the night at a friend’s house, so mom and dad had to get out of bed and be parents she was stuck with boring old mom and dad.

Soon enough, though, her sisters returned home crabby as fuck from their sleepover, and all was right in the world again.  And by that, I mean not only did Marin have FUN people to play with in the snow, but also, I could return to my rightful snow day position of drinking coffee in a chair by the window while occasionally snap a photo or two.  I mean, look at these children, gleefully rolling around in that cold, wet stuff.  It’s like they don’t even know that I’m their mother.  Wamp wamp.

They decided to have a snowman making contest, because why have a peaceful Saturday of snow-play when you can have a COMPETITION and HURT FEELINGS?  So Kate positioned herself in the front yard under our crab apple tree to create her snowman.

Joan made hers in the backyard.  She commandeered the “snowman kit”, so she had an unfair advantage.  In the end, David and I were not forced to judge their contest.  I used my madd mommy skillz of distracting them with hot coco and cookies.

Oh?  And we finally got our fire.  And it was peaceful and cozy and just what I was hoping it to be the last time.

After hearing about the horrors of the Seattle snowstorm, which by all accounts sounds like it was only a few inches of snow (yet one of Sundry’s friends was stuck on the road for 11 1/2 HOURS trying to get home from work!!  Can you even imagine???), I am grateful to live in an area that can handle snow.  Around here, it would take at least a few feet of the white stuff before any of our lives would slow down.

Sigh.  Hello winter.  Welcome, I guess.


6 thoughts on “Snow!

  1. Love the pictures! We had nearly 80 degree weather yesterday, so it looks beautiful (from afar). I absolutely love that picture with the crab apple tree. I planted a baby one this year and I do hope it grows. Gorgeous!
    Around here it takes less than 1/2 an inch of snow to grind things to a halt. It’s almost comical, really. (As long as you’re at HOME!)

  2. Yeah, ere in the Pac NW we are not at all equipped to handle snow properly. They never plow our neighborhood roads and lots of people drive like total idiots. Last year we got a surprise snow fall and I tried to drive home for four hours. I finally gave up, came back to my office, put on my running shoes and walked the 4 miles home. Totally ridiculous. Both my husband and I come from places with a lot of snow in the winter and never cease to be amazed and the total CF that happens every single time we get more than a dusting of snow here. On the other hand, come March when it’s still snowing where I grew up and all we have here is rain it doesn’t seem so bad…

  3. I CANNOT IMAGINE. I would literally have peed in the car. I would have! So glad you got to be home safe and warm during this snow. So fun! We are still waiting for our first real snow of the season.

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