[Edited to add:  I also WON A CONTEST.  Yay for the internets!  (And thanks, Gretchen!)]

I know I’ve told you before how great of a napper Marin is.  This is still quite a shock to me, seeing as how her older sisters stopped napping at age 2 years and 2 hours old and never again closed their eyes whilst the sun was above the horizon.  Not once. EVER.  And we tried everything.  Marin at age 4 will still sleep for three hours in the afternoon.  THREE HOURS.  Sometimes?  More.

The thing is, her ideal nap time is 2-5 pm.  This is not an ideal nap time (for the rest of us) for several reasons, most of which settle around the problem of us being homebound from 2-5 pm each and every day.  The other, smaller problem is that sometimes she’ll sleep until 6.  Or 6:30.  And then she doesn’t want to go to bed at 8:30 when her sisters do.  This wouldn’t be a big deal, but a) her sisters think it kind of a big deal that the BABY SISTER gets to stay up later than the BIG SCHOOL AGED SISTERS and b) I’m pretty ready to be done with my Mommy hat by 8:30 pm.

(And the innocent among you will gently suggest that we simply wake her earlier.  Oh, HO HO, my friends.  Waking her from her nap only results in her eating our faces off, then spewing them back at us to clean up off the floor, all while making an ear-bleeding keening sound that will make you regret the very spinning of the earth.  She’s evil…. EVVVIIIIIILLLL.  Nope, waking her is most certainly NOT the answer.)

So anyway, this is just a really long version of a very short story that goes like this:  Sometimes, lately, we let Marin skip her nap.

We’ve been doing this about every-other day, which seems to be perfect.  She still needs a nap sometimes, or she has a really hard time getting up in the morning.  But napping every-other day seems to cure her of the “I need to stay up and talk at you until 10 pm” affliction.

Look, I KNOW, she’s FOUR years old.  And I’m mostly ready for her to (slowly! SLOWLY people!) phase out of her naps.

But I’m going to miss this.

And the cuddling her too, of course.


12 thoughts on “Naps

  1. I see that your post is in English and yet it makes no sense to me because my son absolutely abhored napping from the day he was born. We forced him to nap on weekends when he was not at day care and my mom made him nap on the two days a week she had him, but it was always a battle. Finally, I threw up my hands and gave up when he was four. The idea of having a four year old who still voluntarily naps is as accessible to me as the idea of me going to Mars sometime soon. Mindboggling… Clearly I have no advice on this topic 🙂

  2. Is there anything sweeter than a sleeping child? Mine can be little hellions all day but my heart melts when I see them sleeping. I have no nap advice either. Both mine gave them up before 3, but Jack’s transition was rough. If he took any length nap (even a 15min doze), he’d be up past MY bedtime. If he skipped the nap, he was miserable by dinner time. To survive, we made bedtime 6:30pm and just in the last few months (at 5&6 yrs) have moved bedtime back to 7pm. I love having that child-free time in the evenings!!

  3. I was exactly the same way about being awakened when I was a kid. There were several incidents of me kicking people in the face when they tried it. Hopefully this will not affect my ability to deal with my screaming baby in the middle of the night.

    • I’m more-than-normally-excited to get it! I can’t wait! I have a “this is not a paper cup cup” and it gets so HOT so I use a cardboard cuff, but I accidentally threw it away recently and… well, I’m just so excited!

  4. Oh that picture of you and Marin is SO SWEET.

    And personally, I have such a hard time with these transitions. I’m still getting over Ellie dropping her morning nap FOUR months ago. JEEZ.

  5. Maddie is the exact same way about being woken up. I won’t wake her up for ANYTHING. House on fire? Let her sleep! She’ll be fine!

    Anyhow, we’re skipping naps on school days, but napping most other days. She’s usually good for an hour and a half to two hours and I’m not in any hurry to get rid of Ye Old Nap Time.

  6. Oh damn. I cried ACTUAL TEARS at that photo. Which doesn’t happen very often, mind you.

    It just made my heart break. She is SO sweet and beautiful and perfect. And so much like my Emmett. And I’ve never napped with Emmett like that and suddenly I am full of grief over it.

  7. My twins stopped napping at 2 1/2. They’ll be 4 next month. That’s 1 1/2 years of wishing for moments like those. Of course I never napped with them because I was too busy relishing my “free time”. Ahem.

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