Snug as a Bug in a Rug

The scrape of metal against concrete is my usual clue that we received a bunch of new snow overnight.  Without even opening my eyes, I can hear my neighbor– the early bird snow enthusiast who LIVES to shovel snow– outside my window.

This morning I woke to absolute silence.  When I peaked between the slats on our bedroom shades, I gasped when I couldn’t even see my neighbor’s house.  The only reason he’s skip shoveling was that too much snow was on its way for even HIM to be out “getting a head start.”

Since then, it has continued to come down.  The wind has picked up and the world outside is swirling with white.

Interstates and highways are closed, the plows have been ordered off the roads, and the Minneapolis airport is closed.  We are in all-out blizzard mode around here.  There’s a certain energy that happens with a blizzard, a sense of adventure.  It’s kind of… fun, really.  Within the same 10 minutes this morning dinner invitations were swirling around my group of friends, all of us inviting someone over to “be snowed in” with.  Finally, one of my friends untangled the web of invitations and declared that the group should come to her place.  A snow day party!

Our electricity has flickered a few times, but so far we still have power and– more importantly– gas.  David took Marin earlier to slip and slide their way to the grocery store, so we’re stocked up and snuggled in.  I just looked out the window and it’s DEEP out there… I’m starting to wonder if we even CAN go to our friends’ house.  Crazy that we might not be able to drive 5 blocks to hang out.  And since it’s supposed to get windier and colder as night falls, it’s probably not possible to walk, either.

Our neighbor bundled up and walked over a little while ago with his daughter.  He helped David with a few things and then they bundled back up and went back to his house to work on a few things.  I currently have an extra child in the house, and the kids are painting and humming Christmas tunes and giggling and talking about the horse movie they watched earlier.

The world is closing down, and yet I just saw our mail lady deliver our mail to the front door.

My cat is sleeping, sprawled in a way that can only mean she’s warm.  Kate walks by with a fistful of candy canes for the group and pauses to coo at her and give her a pet.

I just put some water on for Erica’s salt caramel hot chocolate.  Though, mine isn’t sugar-free.

I see David has returned home and has fired up our snow blower.  The path he is snow blowing is blowing over as fast as he blows it open.  I wonder if he’s noticed that.  He’s going to come in soon, and we’ll have to decide about going over to our friends’ house.

Either way, I’m content.


10 thoughts on “Snug as a Bug in a Rug

  1. I love it. I’m at my parent’s place in South Minneapolis for the next month or so – just got here this week – and am all snuggled in. We had back to back blizzards last year in DC, and I was able to put a backpack on the dog and head to the grocery store on foot- loved it! Anyway, I am taking this blizzard as a “welcome to MN” present, and spent the day in snow gear romping through the drifts with my pup. Now we’re both drowsy in front of a fire…

    Am missing my friends and the energy you speak of – the blizzards we had in DC lead to many impromptu dinner parties and lovely evenings inside. Enjoy!!

  2. I had this same thought when you were mentioning your slumber party – your social circle sounds…idyllic. Like maybe enough to consider moving to a tiny town. Do you think it’s the size of the town that invites the closeness? Or do you just live in a really good one? Or maybe you just have such a good attitude about everything. All this to say, your friends sound great.

  3. My husband talks about blizzard preparations when he was in high school. His guy friends would all choose one of their houses to hang out at and then spend a few days snowed in together being crazy. Can you imagine being stuck in a house with 5 or 6 huge, rowdy teenage boys?!

    I’ve lived in Minnesota for 6 years now, but this is the most snow I remember. I am still not used to it!

  4. Oh it does actually sound kind of nice. It is frustrating when it snows here in southern-ish Ohio because we rarely get any decent amount of snow and people have no idea what to do! A prediction of two inches and the grocery stores come close to running out of milk!

    I can’t believe the footage of the Metrodome roof collapse- that is wild…

    Glad to hear your mail was still delivered.

  5. I am a new reader and this is my first time commenting. You painted such a cozy picture and I am envious! I live on the coast of NC and it is similarly exciting when a small hurricane or tropical storm is on the way. It’s been rainy and coldish here all weeken which has been super cozy. But being snowed in sounds heavenly, especially right here at the holidays. Enjoy!

  6. Eek! Now that I’m so pregnant all I can think about when I read about this kind of blizzard is the poor women in labor. And anyone else who needs to get to the hospital.

    Glad you guys are safe and warm!

    • It’s weird, but I never hear of babies being born at home during blizzards around here. Maybe if women know bad weather is on the way, the head to the hospital earlier than they normally would?

      Also, it wasn’t blizzarding when my twins were born (in January), but it WAS NEGATIVE 12 degrees when we left for the hospital. Made our hospital room seem that much cozier!

  7. This sounds delightful. I love snowstorms and can’t wait to have one here in Maine soon. Those days are best when my husband is home and it’s not just me trying to entertain 4 kids alone. He likes to take them outside and sled and I can stand on the porch and take photos and slip back inside when I’m chilly.
    All my kids were born between the end of December and the end of January and we never had a major snowstorm for any of the births. Freezing cold and ice, but no snowstorms.

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