Recently Captured

Everything about Christmas is magical when you are four.  Everything about Daddy is magical when you are four as well.

Saturday’s snow storm was nasty.  It started with freezing rain and ice, which left a thick layer of ice underneath the 16 inches on snow.  Then the temps dipped below zero.

Sunday morning church was canceled, so the girls enjoyed some coffee while checking out the huge drifts outside.  (“Coffee should be the color of a muddy river,” I tell them, and they nod, big brown eyes taking me very seriously.)

Tree up and (kid) decorated.  Paper chains strung.  Grumpy penguin on duty (on left, in green chair).  Stockings hung by the chimney, with care NATCH.



















Posie has the day shift to watch for the girls to come home.  (She also has the night shift of watching their bedroom doors to ensure they stay put.)

Today we got another 6-8 inches.  It was coming down fast and furious, and when Marin and I left to go the the library that shit was DEEP.  (Do you love the size of that flake by her cheek??)

















The girls made me laugh today when they announced “Six more days until winter!”  Not around here, ladies.  Winter is HERE.  (And from the sounds of my twitter feed, winter is EVERYWHERE right now.)

Now, if only we could have a white Christmas this year!


10 thoughts on “Recently Captured

    • Oh, now that’s the best comment I’ve had in awhile! Thanks! (And oddly enough, David hung those stockings and the hangers- simple stick pins- stay on the fireplace all year. Which means… that when he hung them he left room for one more??? Interesting.)

  1. I want to know if your girls really drink coffee, because I started drinking it when I was not much older. Is this a MN thing? Must be. Creates hearty stock. Heh.

    • Yes, they really drink coffee! Not very often- it’s a treat- but they LOVE IT. Marin also often (more often that the big girls get their own cup) finds me cold cup and slurps the remainder. I drink my coffee with sweetened cream, so I’m sure it’s tasty, even for a 4 year old. And when Kate and Joan have it, it’s in a small tea cup and with sweetened cream as well.

    • Oh, that’s right! My mom said they haven’t had much snow in the Black Hills yet either. I mean, I think it’s snowed, but hasn’t stuck… I do love that about Rapid City’s climate (which is very similar to Denver’s)- we often go hiking in just shirtsleeves when we’re home for Christmas. OR, last year we got SNOWED IN. But I like how it can be 50 degrees in the winter… here, it gets cold in November and stays cold until March or April.

  2. It’s cold enough here, but no real snow,yet. I’ve heard there’s a storm coming for Sunday into Monday that could be something, or nothing. Love it.

    I don’t have a mantel for my stockings. We hang them in front of the tv, which means that they have to stay away until Christmas Eve. And they’re beautiful stockings too, all handmade by my girlfriend.

  3. I am sooooo jealous beyond words at your snow. I grew up in a small town in the Adirondacks and lots of snow was the norm. I live in NYC now and while I love it I miss having lots of snow. Actually at this point I miss having any snow. Hoping for a while Christmas here too but it does not look promising. Chuck a couple snow balls at each other for me will ya.

  4. YES!! There IS room for one more!!

    Also, I love that photo of the twins, with one looking at you and the other joining the cat in looking outside. That’s one of my favorite of your pictures.

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