This Morning

It’s blizzarding here again today.  School let out at 10:30 this morning, the class I teach is canceled for tonight, and I can barely see across the street right now.  So of course, what do we do?  We get together!  (Image shamelessly zoinked from my friend’s facebook page.) (Correction: I tried to shamelessly zoink it, but the full size cut off some of the kids on the right side of the photo, and I couldn’t figure out how to resize it, so I had to have it emailed to me.  So now it’s not “zoinked” but “used with actual permission.”)

That’s right, there were FIFTEEN children in attendance this morning; the oldest ones are 8.  After we gathered them for this photo, we sang some Christmas carols and tried (read: FAILED) not to get choked up.  I mean, FRIENDS.  CHRISTMAS.  TOGETHERNESS.  So lovely.

I waited so long to find my people here.  I was so lonely and depressed and miserable.  We even considered moving to Bigger Town, so that I could be near by Childbirth Ed friends.  But the stars aligned in such a way that we ended up buying our (current) home and staying here in Tiny Town.  God/Higher Power/Universe (I’m not even sure what I believe) was saying Quiet now.  Be still.  Your people are coming. And so I was quiet (ha, ha, ok, quietish, for I’m not ever really very quiet), and I waited, and wouldn’t you know that EVERY SINGLE family in this photo moved to town after we purchased this house?

And so I’m telling you this in case you are waiting for your people.  They are coming.  Keep looking.  Be patient.  Be open to recognizing them if they appear.  But they are coming. They might already be there, waiting to be discovered.  If I can find so many wonderful families in a town this small in the middle of no where (we have 4 stoplights in all of city limits!), I have faith that others can too.


13 thoughts on “This Morning

  1. Oh, I so needed this post. When we first moved to town, I was all sad and cry-y because I had NO FRIENDS and MISSED SAN DIEGO and had NO JOB and thus nothing to do all day but be at one with my thoughts. And then I got a job and while I don’t LOVE it or the people I work with, I have made some Internet friends in the area, which is awesome. But then, last night, I started to get all woe-is-me again because now I’m pregnant and again, NO FRIENDS, at least not ones who I get to see on a regular basis who also have kids/are expecting kids/want kids/etc.

    Anyway, thank you, as I said, I needed this.

    • Sarah, I think that having a new baby may lead you to some new people! Once your baby is here, look for other new moms to hang out with. I found most (all?) of my current friends at the local “Mommy-n-me type” classes… I really believe your people are coming!

  2. I moved 3,000 miles across the country when I was 23 and found my people when I was single. Then I got married and had kids and some of my people got lost. I am slowly starting to find other people. Slowly and hoping to find again a group I am absolutely close to someday. Thanks for the reminder that they are out there somewhere.

  3. This post makes me simultaneously sad, envious and hopeful. Quite a potent mix! Congrats on building what sounds like a great community. It ain’t easy these days, when so many of us move frequently, cutting us off from the regular interaction with our long term friends. I hope to build something like what you have. I guess I’m on my way. But finding friends seems to be much like finding a husband, I feel like I have to kiss a lot of frogs along the way!

  4. Oh, this is a topic close to my heart. I am a US transplant living in the UK for the past 11 years, and have only had close girlfriends for the past 2 years. It was a lonely time. People were friendly, and I have my fantastic husband, but I needed girlfriends so badly.

    And now, I’m moving to a new town. Lots of new adventures, and it’s a great thing for the family. But for me? I’m not going to see my friends as often (it’s not terribly far away, but far enough!) and I’m pretty sad about it.

    But at least I can call them, right?

  5. That’s such a happy picture… I have found some people and now that my daughter is in kindergarten we are slowly finding more. It is a strange mix for me because many of my best and most important people are still best and most important but scattered all over the US and sometimes I forget that it is good for me to cultivate relationships with people I may actually see more than once or twice a year.

  6. I love how blonde so many of the children are. It’s that good Nordic stock. =)

    Yay for finding your people! I have found a few, but I don’t really have a GROUP. I’m working on it though.

    • And did you notice that only 3 out of the 15 were boys? We breed girls in this circle, apparently. (Actually, there are two siblings missing from the photo, also both girls. So 3 out of 17 are boys.)

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