Wild Turkeys

You would think

(view from my front step)

that upon waking

(our house)

to a world as magically beautiful

as this

(around Tiny Town)

that not even WILD TURKEYS could force us to leave Tiny Town

to spend the entire day driving to South Dakota.

But we did, indeed, load up the kids and drive to South Dakota

where a huge flock of actual WILD TURKEYS greeted us this morning

and let us feed them corn

from only a few feet away.

And they’ll be back tomorrow morning too.  Wild turkeys are a way of life ’round here.


We’re here, ya’ll, and so glad to be here.  Another week of Christmas-ing.  It was 45 degrees here this morning, the children fed the turkeys in their stocking feet and pj’s, and Kate and Joan even proclaimed “it feels like it’s almost SUMMER outside!”

(Ah, those hardy Minnesota kids.)

We’re catching up with old friends, eating lunch at  Barf E Cheese Chuck E Cheese, hiking, playing farkle, having “laptop time”, playing with cousins, making scrambled eggs for dinner, seeing my brother’s new house, opening presents, going to Starbucks just because WE CAN, etc.

Marin is sleeping over with her cousin June tonight, and let me tell you, she nearly planted her foot in our asses on the way out the door, we couldn’t leave fast enough for her.  Oh, the joy of having a cousin your very same age!  (Especially for a child that lives with older twin sisters who always have a child her very same age to play with.)  When Seester left my brother’s house (did you follow that?  My brother’s house is where Marin is sleeping), the girls were sitting on the table finger painting, but using a paintbrushes instead of fingers, because they didn’t want to get their newly painted fingernails dirty.

There was a part of me that not even wild turkeys could drag excitement out of  me about coming here.  It’s just so much WORK to get here, etc.  But now that we’re here, I’m so glad we came.  I’m even doing that thing I usually do when I visit, where I wish I lived here, but not really?  Yeah, that.  (Simmer down, Tiny Town friends.  We’re not actually going to move here.  That is, not unless all of you agree to come with us, in which case I would TOTALLY CONSIDER living here.)  (Except for the fact that my family would probably drive me insane.)  (Except the ones I get along with, natch.)  (Hi Seester and Kiner!  KISSES!)

And, most importantly, my Countdown to Keurig is finally in the singe! digits!  The gift (from my dad) should be presented to me this Saturday, January 1st the year of our  lord 2011.  Which is only FOUR MORE SLEEPS!  I’ve been waiting for this machine since August when my dad told me “You better not buy one of those sumbitches because that’s what I’m buying you for Christmas.”  And then at Thanksgiving he said “You didn’t buy a Keurig, did you?  Because I already bought you one.”  And THEN he told my sister that “I don’t know when people started telling me what to buy, but Marie told me to buy a Keurig for her, so that’s what I did.”  (Do you SEE what I MEAN about Teh Family making me have Teh Crazies?)  (Yes, of course you do.  I can almost feel you all nodding, knowingly.)



P.S. I’ve been talking about getting a Keurig for the last several months– and by “talking” I mean “tweeting”, of course, which obviously means TYPING– and I JUST NOW realized I’ve been spelling it wrong.  It’s NOT K-u-e-r-i-g, like I’ve been doing for hundreds of days now.  AAAEEEEEIIIIIII.  (very red)facepalm.


9 thoughts on “Wild Turkeys

  1. Keurig! It’s like Seuss! Yay for Keurig, and I will be VERY EAGER to hear what you think of it! And that “Marie told me what to buy her” thing would make me ker-razy like a wild turkey.

  2. I would love to know which town is your Tiny Town, if only because I grew up in Hampton, which I think is so close. Your pictures were even more tantalizing. It’s not Randolph. Or Kenyon? Certainly not Cannon Falls. Or Northfield. I will have to keep guessing. It’s such a puzzle!

    Thanks for all of your encouraging posts about how glad you are you came to Tiny Town. Peter and I are gearing up for a big move (house goes on the market mid-January. It’s nice to think that we might like the new place BETTER than where we currently are.

  3. Being from Southern California, I always look in envy at those beautiful snow-covered photos of houses, street lamps, and that blue sky?!? Gorgeous. And while it was about 69 degrees yesterday here, it’s muddy, sopping rain right now–feels like a stay-inside day. Glad you got to travel to see your family. Can’t wait to hear the review of your Keurig. Maybe I’ll have to wish for one and have my dad think I told him to buy it for me….. have a wonderful new year!

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