Broken Arm

Since this is my kids’ baby book(s), here goes:

Yesterday at noon recess, Kate was crossing the monkey bars (in the dead of winter, wha?), and fell off.  She landed with her left arm twisted behind her back.  She didn’t mention it to her teacher ALL DAY but came home from school crying about it.  We put some ice on it, I looked it over… it wasn’t bruised or swollen AT ALL, and she seemed to get over it.  For the rest of the night, she barely mentioned it, unless she bumped it a certain way.

This morning, she was crawling over me to get into bed between David and me (she’s my early morning snuggler, like clock-work), forgot about her sore arm/wrist, and put all of her weight on it, which really really hurt.  For the rest of the morning, it was bothering her– she had trouble getting dressed by herself, getting her shoes on etc.  Kate can be a… drama queen (and I wouldn’t write “drama queen” in a real baby book, just fyi), so I was thinking it was probably a sprain, but we decided we better take her in for X-rays to be sure.  It still was not bruised or swollen at all.

Kate was really upset about the idea of having to go to the doctor.  I think she was having a hard time separating the last time she broke her arm (a compound break that needed to be set, an IV for pain meds, all while she was 500 miles away at my mom’s house WITHOUT us), and since she’s already prone to anxiety, we ace-wrapped her arm/wrist and sent her to school while we waited to hear what time she could be seen today.  I knew that sitting around waiting to go to the doctor would be worse for her than going to school and keeping herself busy.

Around 9:30 am David picked her up and drove her to Bigger Town for her appointment.  Of course they did X-rays and OF COURSE her wrist was actually broken.  (It’s a distal radius fracture on her left wrist, for you medical lovers out there.)  She’s in a half cast (bottom half) and ace wrap for a week to allow for swelling, and she’ll get a real cast next week.  It’s the same arm she broke last time.

Any of you needing to feel superior to someone else’s parenting, I’m here to serve.  My daughter had a broken BONE in her ARM and I SENT HER TO SCHOOL and waited a day to get an X-ray.  You’re welcome.

I was feeling pretty stupid when I emailed her teacher to say “Kate won’t be back today because she does indeed have a broken arm ha ha ha ha ha….”  But her teacher replied that she once made her son wait a WEEK with a broken foot before taking him in.  I could lip kiss that teacher, I really could.

Anyway, this experience is way less traumatizing than her last one, and it’s not summer so the cast will be no big deal (as if that stopped her from swimming last time), though she’s bummed about missing square dancing in gym class at school and missing her basketball class the next two Saturdays.  (Square dancing! I want to go to gym class with the 2nd graders!)  She’s hanging out with her arm in a sling, sweetly asking Joan and Marin for little (probably unnecessary) favors.

Little honey.

(Girlfriend needs more milk or SOMETHING!)


15 thoughts on “Broken Arm

  1. My son broke his leg when he was two, TWO, and we took him to some chop shop urgent care because we absolutely did not believe that it was broken. They told us he would be in no pain after it was wrapped in a bandage. The children’s hospital (where we went the next day, per urgent care) was HORRIFIED when they heard this and raced to get some Tylenol with codeine into the kid.

    I’m not really sure what my point is here. Uh, broken limb child club!

  2. Oh GOD. It never OCCURRED to me that your kid could break a bone and you WOULDN’T EVEN KNOW. I always assumed that if/when my kid broke a bone, there would be bruising and swelling and screaming and it would be, I don’t know, obvious. I would totally have waited, too. AND even KNOWING that the arm DID turn out to be broken, I STILL think you did the right thing sending her off to school instead of keeping her at the house agonizing about the doctor with no distractions.

    • Well, with a severe break (like her last one) there’s absolutely no question. But with a fracture… I guess it’s sometimes harder to tell. Like I said, Kate’s teacher waited A WEEK with her son’s foot. But you are right, usually it’s fairly straight-forward.

  3. I was waited a week to take Maddie to the pediatrician for a “cold,” only to find that she had PNEUMONIA.

    Poor baby Kate! I hope she milks that sucker for all it’s worth.

  4. This is giving me childhood flashbacks. I broke my arm falling off a slide at school (landed with it underneath me), but I got the compound fracture with my arm looking like it had a bend in the wrong place. It was awful…I might have to blog about it. 😉

    • That’s what her last break (supposedly, as I wasn’t there, but according to my mom) looked like. It was bent like an “L” between the wrist and elbow. SHUTTER. At least this one is much less severe!

  5. Nothing ever seems clear cut, does it? Unless it’s like the last time with a compound fracture. I would have done exactly the same thing.

    And if it makes you feel better? I broke my FIBULA all the way through when I was 16 and my parents waited a whole week to bring me in for an xray. They TOTALLY thought I was being dramatic and I was definitely old enough to be clear on the level of pain I felt. I was so vindicated when the xray showed a fracture. And they felt bad. So it was all good.

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  7. Ah, man! Poor thing. I bet that happens a lot with fractures though, the waiting. My parents waited almost a week to get my brother’s arm looked at and it was actually fractured too.

  8. Poor sweetie. We almost didn’t take A when she hurt her arm (by her brother JUMPING on her) but glad we did, as she had broken it (she wasn’t even 2 yet). Then of course when I broke her collar bone THREE WEEKS LATER I was certain the authorities were coming for us.
    I hope she is doing better on this Monday.

  9. I read this and a wave of “Thank you, God! I’m not the only one!!” came over me. My son broke his arm on a Friday night at football practice (we really thought he was just overreacting), played in his football game the next day, went to Dave and Busters the day after that, and didn’t really complain heavily until he tried to go (coincidence?)across the monkey bars at school on Monday. It was so similar. There was no swelling or bruising. Our ped said it was very common.

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