Snow Globe

Every day, same old same old.  More snow, more slippery roads, more shoveling.  The hum of someone’s snowblower, somewhere nearby is the soundtrack.  Sometimes it comes down heavily, other times it’s just a few flakes lightly floating down, but more days than not we get more snow.  Looking out the window, it feels like we’re living in a snow globe.  A never-ending swirling of white that we can’t escape.  Pretty, most of the time, but oppressive too.

Yesterday I watched my neighbor heave-ho his garbage bag up over his head, on top the snow bank, so that it was on “the curb” for the garbage truck.  He eyed it warily as he backed away, no doubt wondering if it was going to fall down and beam him on the skull.

What is it about January that is so gloomy?  The days are noticeably longer now, but the extra light is glaring and bleak compared to those cozy December days.  January’s saving grace is that Kate and Joan celebrate their birthday this month– for those of you living is similar climates, I would highly recommend a late January/early February baby.  Totally breaks up the monotony.

So, as you can see, not much is new here.  Recently I have spent my evenings watching the 2nd season of Teen Mom, and boy.  Are Caitlyn and Tyler not the cutest, sweetest couple EVAR?  I want to adopt them and enroll them at Tiny Town High and listen to them and be an adult for them.  Out of every single person featured on that show, those two are hands-down the most mature, and I’m including the other teen moms’ parents in that statement.

Actually, I think that’s what’s so infuriating about that show– not the teens, but the teens’ PARENTS.  With the exception of Maci, who seems to come from a fairly normal family, the rest are all… throttle-worthy.  I mean, no show ever before has made me long to get off my ass-dent on the sofa to kick some tail.  Obviously Butch and April would be easy targets, but Farrrah’s mom?  Anyone else have daydreams of pulling that bitch up by the hair?  And HER VOICE OMG IT COULD KILL KITTENS.

Ahem.  So.  All caught up on Teen Mom, as I was saying.

Kate’s dealing with her broken arm like a trooper.  She gets a real cast on Thursday.  On Saturday when I took the girls to basketball, her coach (the high school girls’ basketball coach, too) knelt down and talked to her and assured her she was still part of the team and asked her if she wouldn’t mind putting her jersey on and doing what she could for dribbling and warm-ups.  He was so encouraging and sweet to her, I was nearly choking up.  Since they weren’t playing an actual game, I was comfortable with her being out there.  She’s pretty careful, and her risk of collision was low.   She beamed the entire time.

In other news, I think I’ve FINALLY trained convinced David to hang up the stepping-off towel on the side of tub after a shower so it can dry.  He’s not one for leaving dirty socks everywhere (though his daughters?  total sock-peelers and tossers), but since I have known him, he’s left the soggy towel on the floor in the bathroom.  UNTIL NOW.  I’m not sure what changed, but MY GOD is it sexy that he finally is picking up that towel.  I’m hot, just thinking about it.

Related, we recently had our water softener stop working, not only leaving us with itchy skin but also leaving a chalky white film on all of our dishes.  This white stuff would not wash off, and made even the cleanest dishes feel gross and dusty.  David not only fixed the water softener with his own two hands, but has also been systematically soaking ALL of our dishes in vinegar water to remove the white.  AND IT TOTALLY WORKS.  Since the kitchen is more my terrain than his, I’m surprised and delighted that he’s taken on that project.  (DOUBLE HOTTT)

Well, I just wasted 45 minutes of my life telling you basically nothing, and you’ve just wasted a good 5 minutes reading basically nothing, so HIGH FIVE.  Now, let’s go have a great day.




13 thoughts on “Snow Globe

  1. I love that you love your daughters’ January birthday so much, since we also live in a cold climate and Piglet will most definitely have a January/early February birthday. It makes me feel much better about it!

    • I honestly think their birthday saves our winter. I feel like winter doesn’t get really oppressive until AFTER their birthday (Jan 23rd), when before they were born, winter was oppressive starting right after Christmas. So, almost a whole month shaved off!

  2. Tyler starts to get annoying in season 2, but he’s still the most mature guy on the show.

    The snow is seriously killing me. I heard we’ve had something like 48 inches so far this year. Aargh.

  3. Love the Teen Mom comments!! Every time I see this show, I’m possessed with an uncontrollable need to discuss it with another sane human being (and by that I mean be outraged by the ridiculousness of some of the people on the show!!) I’d love to read more of your thoughts on it!!

  4. We’ve had a lot of snow here this winter (for southern-ish Ohio) and I can’t imagine how people would behave if it was a daily occurrence. As it is, things usually warm up enough to melt the snow in between snowfalls, so there’s rarely more than a couple of inches on the ground.

    Harper has been dealing with January cooped-up-edness by endless “crafts” which lately means gluing things into a notebook and screaming when Michael takes the scissors. I’ve been huddled on couches trying to read while ignoring them (some).

    I like reading your posts – even the uneventful ones.

    I’m glad Kate is doing so well with her arm. I might be a little in love with the idea of that basketball coach.

  5. “Faarrraahhhhhh.”

    Just wanted to give you that aural image.

    I’m kinda obsessed with the whole 16 and Pregnant/Teen Mom franchise. Mostly because the moms (because they’re CHILDREN) are so DUMB when they’re pregnant. Like, their ideas of life and love and mothering and whatever. OMG, the naivete slays me. And not in a good way. In a very smug, oh-I-am-so-smart way. Which is charming on a 34-year-old the mother of four, the feeling of smug superiority instead of horrified depression. So then I feel guilty. It’s a real emotional rollercoaster, that show.

  6. Oh 16 & Pregnant…Teen Mom (Love Tyler and Caitlyn too!)…Farrah’s mom really grates my last nerve as well. And NOW Teen Mom 2…with LEAH who has TWINS! I just can’t quit! Will we one day see the reality shows of the babies whose lives we spy on? I kind of hope so…or at least Dr. Drew hosting a “Where are they now?” show. I know, I need professional help.
    Anyway, I’ve been reading here recently and now that I know you are a fan of these shows, it’s even better 🙂

    • Listen, I had twins at 27 and in a stable marriage and it almost killed me. I CANNOT- no really I can’t- imagine having them as a teenager. I’m… almost afraid to watch that one because of the feelings of being overwhelmed it will bring.

  7. It’s so funny, the distance between YOUR feelings on January snow/ice as a hearty, um…. midwesterner? minnesotan? all of a sudden I can’t quite recall and don’t want to click away to check, sorry, and mine as a lame, skeerdy-cat southerner. haha. Hope the birthday planning cheers you up!

    I think I’m going to have to find reruns of Teen Mom. Heretofore I haven’t watched but I AM INTRIGUED about the (grand)parents!! Terrible characters to judge and disdain? Count me IN. That’s my TV GOLD.

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