Our van broke down the other day as I was driving the preschoolers after school.  Luckily, my mom was in town, and I was able to pull into the driveway just as it died.  We transferred everyone to my mom’s car and took Marin’s friend back to daycare that way.  David was in a nearby town 45 minutes away, so it was lucky my mom was around.  Turn out it was the water pump.  $200+ in repairs.  Could’ve been worse.

An internet friend lost a pregnancy, and I can’t stop thinking about her.  I think I’ve decided that the reason I can’t find anything appropriate to say is because there IS nothing appropriate to say in this situation.  I mean, there are LOTS of inappropriate things to say, but not the other way around.

I heard on the news the other night (which I never listen to, btw, but my mom was here, so it was on), that we’ve received 58 inches of snow so far this season, and we’ve received accumulation on all but TWO days in January.  Currently it’s -10 degrees outside (at 7pm) and supposed to be -40 by morning.  We need to go to the grocery store, and I’m kicking myself that I didn’t do it sooner.  With such cold temps predicted, it might be a zoo there tonight… I think I’ll send David instead.  Besides, the ass-dent I’ve been working diligently in creating on my couch is IMPRESSIVE.  No use getting up to go to the store (and into the cold) MYSELF.  (I love being married.)

My kids have been into making blanket forts the living room, which is a fun activity at first but always ends in frustration and tears.  The forts fall apart or start sagging or there’s too many bodies in too small of a space.  Everyone’s heads get all static-y, and static drives me CRAZY.  Well, but MY hair doesn’t get static-y, because I’m not playing under the blankets, and it doesn’t drive me crazy (much) if the KIDS” hair is static-y.  But in general, I’d like to avoid static.  Anyway, today the girls amped it up a notch and made a blanket MOVIE THEATER, which actually kept them busy for a while (thanks to an old laptop that they drug in there and Netflix streaming).

If the girls lick their lips AT ALL when it’s this cold and dry, they get huge red rings– like a clown face– around their mouthes.  And then they keep licking it, because it’s sore, and an even bigger red circle grows.  I have to be diligent about putting Vaseline on their faces, or they look totally REDICK.  And are, you know, in pain.  I know that some people don’t want to put petroleum on their bodies, but DAY-UM if that stuff doesn’t work like magic, and in a mind-boggling short amount of time.  I’m telling you, it’s like white lightning.  (And now a piece of my hippie-self just died, because PETROLEUM.  On my BAYBEEES.)

I’ve lost 6 lbs so far this month, but before you get excited you should know that I GAINED 6 lbs in December, the month otherwise known as “those 30 days where I was never hungry, not once, not even for one second.”  Speaking of food, they should really invent a bacon that leaves all traces of its cooking self the minute it’s done cooking.  Because the lingering smell of cooked bacon?  It’s enough to make me give up bacon for life.  Or at least cooking bacon.


15 thoughts on “Blerg

  1. Man, this is amazing. I think we’ve only had two snowfalls all winter, totaling no more than six inches. If that! But we tend to get a lot of snow in late winter and early spring, so maybe it’s still coming.

    • Yeah, the Black Hills is often the same. Most of their snow is in the spring, too. But we’ve already surpassed our per-winter average, and WE also tend to get several large snowfalls in the spring… so there’s already talk about flooding and stuff (not Tiny Town specifically, but in Minnesota in general) this spring when it all starts melting.

  2. I am not scared of petroleum jelly. You know what it needs? Better marketing. Like the Himalayan sea salt has. We need “from a time before pollution and environmental damage” and we need “straight from the Earth itself” and we need “the elements of ELEMENTS THEMSELVES” and so forth. I mean, is it or is it not a NATURAL PRODUCT FROM THE EARTH, PURIFIED FOR HOUSEHOLD USE. Well then!

  3. I too used to get the never-ending red ring of chap around my mouth every winter. Sooo embarrassing! Vaseline works, but even better is Auquaphor. That stuff is magic!

  4. We are aquaphor addicts in our house. Love the stuff for the kids’ eczema And the girl who does my VERY occasional facials told me that it is better than anything else for preventing wrinkles around your eyes.

    I’m sad for your friend who lost her pregnancy. I’ve lost 4, but I still can’t come up with the appropriate thing to say. I think the best thing is to just listen. With me, most people just try to change the subject. Sometimes I just want to talk about it – even clinically. Or I sometimes just want someone to acknowledge that it sucks.

    • Aquaphor for wrinkles, huh? Hmmmm. Interesting! Never thought about that!

      Also, I feel like aquaphor is basically the exact same thing as Vaseline, only in a tube and not as thick. Am I missing something?

  5. I’ve been thinking about the same internet friend, except she’s not really a friend so much as someone I read and admire, and that makes it even HARDER to come up with something appropriate to say. I am guessing though that whatever you say will make her at least feel warm and cared about.

    I am often victim to the Red Mouth Ring when I visit my family in the winter (similar negative bajilllion degree temperatures and dry, dry air), and I think you have to do what you have to do to make it go away. Yowch. I sometimes use the Clinique yellow lotion, which I get for “free” when I buy other Clinique things. It’s likely way more chemical-y than petroleum, but it works like a charm.

    Also, congratulations on the 6 pounds! That sounds like a fabulous kick-off to the New Year.

  6. I’m the same with Jonniker. Every time I try to leave a Twitter reply or comment, I’m all “…”

    Ava’s had a cold this week and her entire FACE is chapped. It looks HORRIBLE.

    And I remember the static well from my many MN winters. Blerg, indeed.

  7. I like petroleum jelly for chapped skin, but I like lanolin better. I tried it once when I had extra after my last baby weaned, and it worked wonders on my boys’ crusty noses during a cold. I bought more when that disappeared, and now even my husband uses it on his knuckles (but he pretends he doesn’t because he says it’s really “nipple stuff in a girly purple tube.” Whatever, it works!

  8. 6 pounds is awesome!!! Go, you!

    I too am thinking of the internet friend’s lost pregnancy a lot, and definitely felt like there was nothing good to say when I first heard the news. That’s because there is nothing “Good” to say, but as someone who has lost a pregnancy (and dealt with various other tragedies, e.i. sick family member), truly anything is appreciated. Well, almost anything, but anything from the “I’m so sorry, I’m thinking of you” family of condolences was both comforting and made me feel better, bit by bit. I found that I wanted it acknowledged so I didn’t feel like I was carrying around some dark secret no one wanted to talk about.

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