New Bed

David and I need a new bed.  More accurately, we need a new mattress (and possibly box spring).  Ours is a queen that David bought  at Sam’s Club shortly before we met.  Uh, that would be 12 years ago.  Tis time.

We also need a new bed frame.  When we moved into this house, we bought bedroom furniture for the first time; nothing too fancy just your basic, timeless mission style head-board, foot-board, side tables, and a HUGE “chesser”– chest of drawer/dresser.  I like our furniture very much.  However, about a year ago, our headboard broke.  I WISH– oh, how I wish– I had some really funny sex story of how it broke, but sadly, I was just sitting in bed when it went SNAP.

David, being David, has “fixed” it since then by rigging up some 2×4’s and… I don’t even KNOW what.  But it’s not really fixed, and the headboard and mattress are constantly sliding apart, and the whole thing drives me crazy.

Also, we need new sheets.  Most of ours are becoming threadbare.

So, to recap:  We NEED a new mattress, we really could USE a new headboard, AND our sheets need to be replaced.  Doesn’t this seem like a PERFECT TIME to “upgrade” to a king size?

David is reluctant to get a king size. He also wants to try his hand at “fixing” our headboard.  I feel like the stars have aligned in a way that we really SHOULD take this opportunity, if we’re getting new stuff, to get a bigger bed.   I mean, we even need new SHEETS… may as well get new BIGGER sheets, right?  (David disagrees.)

Cons of a king size:

-our room isn’t very big, so a king sized bed would take up pretty much the whole room
-it costs more money than a queen
-sheets for a king cost more money than sheets for a queen
-we for sure wouldn’t be able to use our current headboard, even IF David is able to work some magic and actually fix the damn thing (which I’m skeptical about anyway)
-so we would (eventually) need a new headboard ($$$$), which would mean that our bed would no longer match the rest of our furniture, and we paid a lot of money for that furniture (BUT OUR CURRENT ONE IS BROKE, so this is a little bit of a moot point, unless you believe that David can actually, truly fix it… I’m skeptical.)

Pros of a king size:

-ah, it’s bigger, obviously
– we have a baby on the way, and our babies sleep in our bed in the beginning (for about 6 months) and then often throughout the rest of baby- and toddler-hood
-our big, long-legged, BONY kids also tend to find their way into our bed once in a while
-we’d all sleep better with more room
-what better way to fill up a BEDroom than with a BED, amiright?

So questions for you, Internet:

1. What size mattress would YOU buy, in this situation?

2.  What kind of mattress would you buy?  (It can’t be memory foam, as I have a bad neck, and memory foam is bad for that.) (Sleep number beds are probably quite a bit out of our price range.)

3.  If we end up needing a new headboard, we’re probably going to go with an IKEA one… do you have any experience with IKEA beds?

4.  What about IKEA mattresses?  Anyone have one?  Love or hate?