So, I’m getting my hair cut tomorrow.  I called today thinking I’d be able to get in sometime next week, and instead they were able to get me AND all three girls in tomorrow afternoon, WITH my favorite stylist.  This is definitely one awesome perk of living in Tiny Town:  I don’t have to plan months (or even weeks) ahead for things like this.  And it’s not like this place is a dump; our salon is an Aveda salon in a tiny stone cottage with vines growing up the sides within walking distance of our house (though, oh, HO HO, not in this cold).  The stylists are friendly and busy, I think, for Tiny Town, but not so busy that their schedules are filled weeks ahead.  You know, because there aren’t very many PEOPLE here.

So anyway, the girls are all getting a trim.  I think I might have her cut a big amount off of Marin, because she’s the type of kid that starts crying as soon as the brush touches her head, no matter how gentle I am.  Her hair is getting rather long now, but is still baby-fine and curly (though not nearly as curly as it is in the humid summer months).  Anyway, I’m sick of listening to her howl every morning, so maybe a little bob for her?

The other girls are “growing their hair out”, so I know they won’t allow any big changes.  Their ends are really ragged though, so I’m looking forward to getting them cleaned up.

BUT.  The big question remains, what to do with my hair?  Right now it’s quite long (boob-length), semi-curly (curly in the summer, frizzy in the winter), one length, and pretty much looks exactly like the French Woman from LOST.  You know who I’m talking about, right?  Yep, that’s what I look like, though possibly more haggered.

I do have some requirements:  it can’t require much– if anything– in terms of daily styling, it has to be long enough by summer to pull it back into a ponytail, and it cannot resemble The Rachel as I sometimes inadvertently end up getting based on my poor instructions and descriptions.

I hate taking celebrity photos because let’s get real, I’m NOT going to look like that no matter HOW CLOSE the haircut is to the photo.  I don’t like the “style books” at the salon because they usually don’t look like anything a single person I know would actually wear.  I don’t know really anything in terms of “haircut terminology”, so even if I DID have an idea of what I wanted, I don’t have much hope of actually communicating what I’m picturing (thus The Rachel).  Also, I’m simply not that fussy about my hair.

All of these reasons are probably why I rarely get my hair cut, and rarely love what I end up getting.  However, since I also get an eyebrow and lip wax while I’m there, I usually leave feeling “new” enough to be satisfied.

So… does anyone have any suggestions for me?  I’m open to about anything, as long as I no longer look like this:

(I think she’s actually having an ok hair-day here.)

(I don’t have bangs.)


11 thoughts on “Haircut

  1. Last time I went in, I googled ‘medium length haircuts’, and had more to look at than I could possibly wade through in the 20 minutes I had before my appointment (cause I like to plan ahead like that :). I have just enough wave in my hair for it to be annoying, so I pretty much have to straighten it or have a frizzy mess. This isn’t turning out to be helpful at all, but know that I feel your pain.

  2. haha!My hair looks like that a lot, although maybe not quite as curly. The longer mine is, the more it straightens out into waves instead of curls.

    I hate any hair photos because my hair is THICK. Like, every time I go to someone new they can’ but HOW THICK my hair is and well, most of the shorter, super cute cuts I want would make me look like a mushroom. heh

    Annnnyway. I’m not being very helpful. I don’t know… shoulder length with a face frame perhaps?

  3. I like to say to my stylist things like: “I want to keep most of the length, but I also want it less TRIANGULAR [or whatever my current complain is]—what do you suggest?”

  4. Get the “Kate Middleton”. Long layers, simple, versatile, and definitely pony-tail-able. I am so with you on the simple and straight forward look. Frankly, when I go in, ask to look taller and thinner. Pretty soon, though, I’ll have to add “younger” to that list.

  5. No advice, since my hair is the polar opposite of yours, I.e. Stick straight and always pretty short. But I think there’s a bloggers’ rule that you have to post at LEAST the “after” photo. A Rule.

  6. HAHAHAHAHA!! I just got my hair cut last night and it’s, once again, the poor man’s approximation of the Rachel. I have not a lot of curl, though, so I wouldn’t think they would go that route with curlier hair. That haircut has ruined a generation of hair dressers. (and their clients!)

    Oh and I said almost EXACTLY what Swistle says. I was totally triangular so I wanted a few LONG layers, please keep the length. Apparently, that meant: Please cut off 5 inches and give me layers up to the top of my EARS.

    Good luck today! Post pics!

  7. If you want to keep your hair longish with a little more shape, say “long layers.” This will give extra volume and movement without divesting you of too much length and without turning you into early-90s Jennifer Aniston. The thing I love most about long layers is that they make a ponytail extra cute – it has a shape to it, which I could never get without layers.

    Hope the hair cutting day goes great for all!

  8. I like Doctor’s Wife suggestion. I always say how short I want it and then ask, “What do you think?” And then my stylist asks me a bunch of questions, and it turns out cute. I don’t know how to describe haircuts either!

  9. I don’t have any haircut advice because my hair has been variations on the same theme since about the sixth grade, or whenever I stopped getting perms. Ahem.

    BUT I notice you posted this two days ago and I’m wondering WHERE ARE THE NEW HAIRCUT PICTURES?

    Did winter foil your plans? I don’t recall whether MN got hit in this last crazy storm…

  10. I cut my own, but it’s currently classic length and by cut I really mean I trim half an inch off every six months or so. I’m probably not going to let it get past knee length. I agree with Kelsey, though, pics please!

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