Sick Days

If you follow me on twitter, you know ALL ABOUT all of our sick woes the past week.  It’s been a doozie, that’s for sure.

Friday evening (the 18th) through Sunday- Kate is running a fever, but once Motrin is given, she bounces back to her old self within 1/2 hour.  Still, we keep her home.

Monday- Kate has a worse fever today, and falls asleep before dinner (she NEVER does this).  We decide we should take her in the next day.

Tuesday- Kate has strep.

Wednesday- Marin is running a fever, has a headache, and her throat looks swollen.  I decide to immediately take her in.  Meanwhile, Joan’s teacher emails saying Joan has a headache and went to the nurse’s office.  Since I’m going to the clinic anyway, I swing by the school and pick up Joan too.  (I actually get STUCK in my own DRIVEWAY, so I had to call David.  He keeps Kate– who can’t yet go to school– with him while I take the other two to the clinic.)

Later Wednesday- Nurse calls to say Marin is positive for strep but Joan is not.  Joan had a fever while at the clinic though, so she can’t return to school until she’s 24 hours fever-free.

Wednesday night/Thursday morning- Marin wakes up cough-barfing, and I spend hours during the night with her.  She is so feverish and comically cheerful.  Finally she falls back to sleep, but not before I notice I do not feel well.

Thursday-  David and I BOTH have high fevers.  We can’t move.  Joan could technically go back to school at noon today, but we’re so sick, and she’s taking such good care of Marin, that we keep her home.  This might be one of my most humbling parenting moments so far.

Thursday afternoon- David and I decide to go in for a strep test, just in case.  Earlier in the day, I’m pretty sure we both had it, but by the time we go in, I’m thinking we don’t.  We have fevers but no sore throat.  At the clinic my fever is 104, and I’m pretty sure I’m going to die.  Both of our tests come back negative.  I haven’t been taken down like this with fever, maybe ever, and I’ve never blown my nose this much.

Friday- David stays home from work, but feels better and ends up spending most of the day working from home.  I have a fever, like clockwork, every 4 hours.  Marin is still running a fever too, but she’s fairly happy and playful.  David juggles working and caring for her because I’m in bed, too weak to do it myself.

Saturday- It’s clear I need to go back to the clinic.  I call Urgent Care and David drops me off.  I can’t hold my head up while I wait, and my eyes are profusely watering.  I use about 1 tissue every 1-2 minutes and feel ridiculous.  The doctor I see decides I have a sinus infection, then as an afterthought runs a flu test.  I’m positive for “Influenza A”.  I leave with script for both amoxicillin and Tamiflu.

Saturday afternoon- I’ve slept and been in bed all day (3rd day in a row) and at 4pm Joan has a fever.  ARRGG.

Seriously, you guys, I don’t remember being so weak and sick.  While having a fever, every part of my body ACHES, especially anything touching the bed or the covers.  I also start shaking violently quite often, right before the fever spikes.  In between having a fever, I feel a little better, but SO! TIRED!  I have small bursts of energy (like to write this) (I actually took a nap half-way through), but then I collapse into a 2 hour nap.  My legs are so shaky I have to grip the hand rail on the stairs.  Being this wiped out by fever gives me deep respect for kids, who can be running around like crazy people one minute and then collapse with fever the next.  (Seriously, how do they act so normal while having a fever?  HOW?)

I’ve only had that high 104 once (it’s been 99 to 101 the rest of the time), but I’m still pretty worried about my poor fetus.  The doctor I saw today mused about admitting me to the hospital (for fluids and observation), but thankfully my fast talking (and I’m a little embarrassed to admit, piteous tears) got me out of that one.  She called my OB’s office to consult with them and emphasized that I needed to be seen there this week, so I hope that’s just as a precaution and not because she has an actual concern of the viability-of-fetus variety.  (She said that she was more worried about me, and thinks it’s best for everyone if I’m seen in a few days.  She also said that if I get ANY WORSE, to go directly to Bigger Town Hospital.  GULP.)  (One dose of Tamiflu and 2 doses of amoxicillin later, I *think* I feel better already.  Nose hardly running; urge to cough has settled.)

I can’t even believe I’m going to publish this drivel, but I just spent precious energy typing it.  Also, it will be helpful to me later, when I’m trying to figure out who’s done with their 10 day run of antibiotic when.

P.S.  After months (since last summer) of not  having our tv in our room hooked up and not missing it (my evening tv watching is via laptop/hulu), David hooked it up for me again today.  I’ve been watching some channel all day that alternates CSI episodes with Scrubs.  I… I kinda like it.


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