So Much Better

When I think back to myself, sitting at the clinic yesterday, I can’t even believe that was *me*.  It feels… dreamlike, unreal, like I made it up or like I was watching someone else.

Today when I woke and the first thing I noticed was that NOTHING HURT.  I was in awe at how GOOD I felt.  I still have this violent out-of-nowhere cough and a little stuffy head/runny nose, but the fever is GONE.  My body no longer aches, and I haven’t had the shivers so far today.

With all the suffering in the world today, I feel so unbelievably LUCKY to live in a place and time where I can be weak with fever and sickness one day and SO MUCH BETTER the next.  I’ve always been skeptical of many aspects of modern medicine, but DAY-UM if I don’t respect the shit out of the drugs I’m on.  I know it’s science, but man it feels like a miracle.

(A couple days of fever and lying in bed though really wipes a person out.  I’m on my 2nd nap of the day and it’s only 1:15!)


4 thoughts on “So Much Better

  1. I am pregnant and also got the flu..I didn’t have it as bad as you did (no fever, but still.. UGH), and the day after starting Tamiflu it was like a miracle. I was so glad my doctor pushed to have me checked. But I can’t believe I got the flu after having the flu shot this year. Oh well! I’m glad you’re feeling better.

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