*It’s not even REMOTELY spring here, in case you were wondering.  Though sometimes the daytime temps reach above freezing and feel downright WARM to locals, it’s mostly still cold, snowy, and BLAH.  In fact, we’re experiencing a much-anticipated winter storm RIGHT NOW, wherein they predicted a FOOT or two of snow and everyone was all hyped up, though it looks like it’ll be just a few inches.  (This always happens with the overly anticipated storms, by the way.  They end up being nothing.)

*But still.  I’d rather have ZERO inches, or maybe the several feet of snow we have on the ground to MELT?  Would that be too much to ask, in MARCH?  (I think not.)

*I’ve spent most of this pregnancy not feeling settled AT ALL about this baby, but slowly I’m starting to accept that this is a viable pregnancy, and we ARE going to have a baby at the end of summer.  (I’m due, in fact, the same week school starts!  I RULE at timing!)  I bought the cutest, wee-est orange striped pants that have remained on my night stand, a sunny little reminder that OMG! BABY!  In fact, I keep thinking I’m feeling the baby move.  I’m only 13 weeks, so it’s probably just gas, but it sure FEELS like baby.

*Additionally, food tastes like food again, which is kind of fun.  Except that I’m still not all that INTERESTED in food, for the most part, which is so unlike me that it makes me laugh.  According to the doctor’s scale, I lost 12 pounds in three weeks, and then 4 more in one week, and all this baby really demands is salads; caesar to be exact.  I’m also craving an Olive Garden salad, and have been for a while, and David has STILL not found a reason to take me there.  I think we can agree that he’s failing as Expectant Father.  (Also, SALAD???  Am I gestating a food douche??)

*Tomorrow morning, my girls are trying out for their elementary school talent show.  There’s a group of them, actually; six little girls that are going to pretend to be at a slumber party and sing a (who else??) Taylor Swift song.  I’ve been watching Kate and Joan wrestle their Extreme Shy with their Desire To Perform.  I feel so triumphant for them that their Desire To Perform seems to be winning.  Having a group of girls to perform with certainly will help, and their little act is pretty well prepared, so I’m hopeful that they get in.

*Having two kids in the act made me the default Stage Mom, which go ahead, I’ll wait for you to stop laughing.  (Are you done yet?)  You are right that I am woefully underqualified for such a position, but at least this IS only an ELEMENTARY LEVEL talent show, right?  My usual mode of operation with this kind of thing would be “Ooops.  We forgot to prepare an act!  OH WELL.”  HOWEVER,  Joan AND Kate BOTH brought home “What I want to be when I grow up” projects from school, and both waxed poetically about wanting to be a singer.  Joan’s even said “I want to help people with my music and make them happy when they hear my singing” or something like that.  How can I NOT help them try out?

*And there it is again… a little squiggle in my belly.  Really?  I can feel the baby?  At 13 weeks?  Weird.

*I have not picked up my camera in a long LONG time, and I would feel more guilty about that if there had been anything (no, really, any. thing.) to photograph around here.  But unless I wanted to document our piles of used tissues, chapped noses, and pale winter faces, or perhaps the mounds of dirty, blackish snow that line every outside surface, there’s nothing to see here.

*Tell me:  have we– collectively as an internet– answered the age-old questions of a) how clean does an empty peanut butter jar have to be to put it in the recycling? and b) how does one achieve such cleanliness?  My current method is to fill it with hot water and Dawn dish soap (takes grease out of your way!), wait a day, rinse it out, and then blindly toss into recycling.  Is this proper procedure?  Close enough?  I remain befuddled each time we empty another jar…

*I forgot how to end blog posts, but I think I just stop typing?  Like this?


11 thoughts on “Bullets

  1. I almost passed out when I linked to those wee pants. They are SO cute. Aaaaah, tiny baby!!

    I grapple with the peanut butter jar issue, too. I can never seem to get it clean, and since I swear I once read that a whole bag of recycling can be tossed out from the recycling process if something in it isn’t clean enough, I often come down on the side of throwing the peanut butter jar in the trash so as not to taint the other spotless recyclables. But I could be completely wrong on that.

    • Oh, yes, I think I read that too, once. But THEN, I also read/heard somewhere that you don’t need to even rinse things anymore (I still do) because of the new recycling methods that heat everything enough to remove… stuff? WHO KNOWS?? And WHY don’t “they” inform us, the Recycle-ers, about what they actually expect??

  2. *you most likely ARE feeling the baby! Squeeee!

    * My heart thumped loudly at your description of their “what I want to be” projects. That is so sweet and I can see why you felt very compelled to help them.

    * Pb jars. Um… My husband likes to eat every.last.bit. of pb out and toss it in. I scrape out as much as I can and either wash it or, if I’m feeling like I don’t want to, just rinse it.

    • Yes, we’re going to have to work something like that out. Adjusting to school is stressful enough, now with added new baby! Guess we’ll just get all of our adjusting out of the way at once?

  3. I put our peanut butter jars through the dishwasher for one run then call it good enough. But ours comes in glass jars…maybe yours in plastic and that wouldn’t work?

    What the hell do I know? Why am I even commenting?

  4. Oh yay! I’ve been missing you!

    I, too, squealed when clicking on the orange pant link. I had a momentary desire to buy a pair myself, they are that cute. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. But still! SO CUTE. Baby!

    “Food douche” made me laugh, SERIOUSLY laugh.

    I wipe my peanut butter jars out with a piece of bread and call it a day (and a snack).

  5. You have perfectly described my method of PB jar clean out and because I am a PB addict and go through WAY more of that stuff than is likely healthy, I have had plenty of experience with the washing out!

  6. We have a rubber spatula that I use on the inside of the PB (or in our case, sunbutter) jars.

    Oooh, I bet you are feeling baby – that is so exciting!

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