Argument with Self

Dinner for tonight (and by “tonight” I mean “last night”):  Crock pot chuck roast with pepperoncini.

Self:  So… you just pour TWO ingredients in the crock pot and you have dinner?

Self:  Yep.  1 chuck roast; one jar of pepperoncini.  I’ve been seeing it all over Twitter, and you KNOW if a recipe can be relayed in 140 characters, it must be really easy.  TJ, Sundry, Home Sweet Sarah, and a bunch of others claim it’s DELISH.

(The humble ingredients.  Plural.)

Self:  Ok.  But do you put the roast or the peppers in the crock pot first?  Do you drain the peppers?  Do you trim off their stems?

Self:  JUST DUMP THEM BOTH IN.  It won’t matter.  It’s a simple recipe.

Self:  Well, should the peppers go AROUND the meat, or ON TOP of it, or both?


(Peppers, wherever they landed…)


Self:  Wow.  It smells AMAZING in here.

Marin:  [walking into kitchen with nose plugged] What stinks in here?  Can I have some more fish crackers?

Self:  Wow, you really suck teaching your kids to eat.  HOW can she thinks this smells bad?

Self:  So… do you think we need to flip the meat over?

Self:  Well, you can if you want, but it probably doesn’t matter.

(If you look closely, you can probably find some blue country geese on there somewhere…)


Self:  Well, it should be done now.  Let’s eat!

Self:  Wait!  Does that meat look pink? [shouts]  “DAVID.  Can you come and look at this?”

Self:  *headpalm*

David:  Oh, it’s done.  Should I shred it up?

Self:  I don’t know.  I think people were saying to cut it in chunks?  On Twitter?  That’s what they said, I’m pretty sure.

[David shreds up meat.]

Dinner guests:  Wow, this is really good.  Only two ingredients?

Self:  This IS really good.

Self:  See, I TOLD you it was easy.  And YOU were worried.

[At TJ’s suggestion, we ate it on lightly toasted rolls, cheese optional.]

[It seriously WAS that easy.  I used a 3lb chuck roast, poured the pepperoncinis, juice and all, over the top, and that was IT.  Well, actually, FULL DISCLOSURE, I did flip in once at about 3pm.  But that was IT, and it was really really good.  Tangy, not spicy.]

[No image of finished product.  It was too quickly devoured.]


14 thoughts on “Argument with Self

  1. Hmmm – I bet the did smell good, but if it makes you feel better neither my kids or my husband would eat that! 🙂 I’ll need some other Twitter simple recipes please!

    Did the kids eat it?

    • Kelsey- My husband doesn’t like pepperoncinis OR spicy things (this isn’t spicy, just tangy) but he really liked it. (We didn’t eat the peppers, just the meat, but you probably COULD eat them.) We had friends over for dinner, so we made a pizza for the kids. MORE FOR US! (But my kids don’t eat ANYTHING, so they’re not a good gauge.)

  2. I’ve seen this too and been wondering. Both husband and I love pepperocinis. Kids would likely announce it smells terrible and starve rather than try it. Will make it sometime when kids are having hot dogs (or some other kid sanctioned bland meal).

  3. I made this a couple of weeks ago (right after TJ posted). We used the pepper rings, because it was easier for the sandwiches. Put the meat and peppers on a thick slice of Italian bread, topped it with mozzarella, and put it under the broiler. DELICIOUS.

    Warning – if you are contemplating making the chicken curry from TJ’s same post, don’t! I would much rather have a more authentic curry. Hubs liked it, but he eats anything.

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