Talent Show

Joan and her friend, singing “Magic” by Selena Gomez.


Oh, you guys!  My little (BIG!) girl up there, not hesitant or shy AT ALL.  And the twirls (the girls’ idea)!  They kill me!  And the curtsy!  I get a little teary every time I watch it, thinking of all the times she’s hid behind me, buried her face into me, hiding from people SHE KNOWS.  And then, the very next minute, there she is, singing up on a stage in front of a couple hundred people.  Singing as if it were NO BIG THING.

Well, it IS a big thing to me.  I swear it you guys– watching my kids grow up is honestly the most magical, mind-blowing experience.

(The twirls!)



19 thoughts on “Talent Show

  1. Wow, the confidence!!! She doesn’t look nervous at all!! Just 100% adorable. It’s great that you captured it on video, I bet she’ll love seeing herself when she’s older.
    Cuteness factor aside, they sounded pretty good!!!
    Is Kate going to perform as well?

    • They were flower girls dresses for a friends’ wedding. Funny enough, Joan’s friend has identical teenaged sisters, who were flower girls 10ish years ago in our friends’ wedding. So, matching dresses! They felt very fancy in them. 🙂

  2. I LOVE listening to kids sing, honestly. I love how they just belt it out. So cool! And especially with a sometimes shy kid, that is a fantastic achievement!

  3. So cute!!! The twirls are sincerely the best part. Your post about the shy girl growing up really hits home for me too. They grow up? Of course they do. Thank God for videos like this to keep them little a little longer. Sweet.

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