20 Weeks (and a few days)

Somehow I’ve made it past the halfway mark of this pregnancy, and it  just seems so odd (and also wonderful) that I’m on the downward slope now toward Meeting The Baby.

I’ve been feeling kicks forever, but they’ve recently really ramped up, sometimes even hard enough to jolt me a little bit.  OH YES, I think, THERE’S A BABY IN THERE.  HI BABY!

Despite being crabby so much of the time lately, I’m also trying to remember that I won’t be 20 weeks pregnant again, so dammit self, ENJOY IT.  That train of though actually helps a little, or sometimes a lot, flooding me with awe and gratitude.  One thing I’ve really failed on– if this blog is to be this pregnancy’s journal, which it IS since I don’t have any other paper-and-pen journal going– is to record more of it here.  I’m always surprised to look at the numbers on my sidebar and realize that, once again, I’ve barely posted this month.  I guess there’s not much to say when you’re 1) pregnant and contracting all the time, therefore not DOING much and 2) it’s STILL WINTER IN MINNESOTA.

(We’re supposed to get snow today, on this twenty-eighth day of April, two thousand eleven.  Which really isn’t UNHEARD OF for these parts, but usually we’ve had at least one long warm spell by now, followed by a cold snap and snow.  NOT THIS YEAR.  It’s all dreary and cold, all the time.  Not that you would know, as I’ve been so good about not complaining.  OH WAIT.)

Anyway, back to the pregnancy.  Yesterday I had a doctor appointment in the late afternoon, so for the first time since being pregnant with Marin, Joan and Kate were able to come along.  (OH, the JOYS of being at the doctor’s office with THREE CHILDREN!)  But since my provider does a sonogram with each visit, I was glad they were along and able to see the baby for themselves.  Baby was showing off, waving at us, and kicking almost as if on command.  Of course Marin, who comes with me to almost all of my weekly visits, was playing tour-guide for her sisters, so proud that SHE was the expert for once.

The cervix is still long and unchanged, which is good if not crazy-making.  I mean, I was having so many contractions last Saturday night, that even after being in bed for 4 hours, they were still coming regularly and strong enough to wake me each time I finally dozed off.  I watched the clock for a while and they were about 4 minutes apart.  Plus my lower back really ached (my lower back never hurts) and my pubic bone felt ouchy and bruised… I lay there wondering if I should wake David and head in, JUST IN CASE.  In the end, they finally stopped, or at least stopped enough to let me sleep.  And this week’s u/s showed no change, so I guess staying home was the right thing after all.  But DAMN if it isn’t hard to know sometimes, in the midst of it all.

Oh!  And also, baby was measuring big– about a week ahead.  This doesn’t affect my due date, but it is encouraging when thinking of the (only slight) possibility of an early baby.  Grow baby grow!  Kate– along with nearly every other person I know in real life, as well as several of my bloggy friends– wondered if the doctor could tell HER the sex of the baby, since David and I don’t want to know.  Perhaps next time I’ll march in there with 20 envelopes for him to fill for everyone else?

I’m not yet preparing for this baby in any tangible way– not collecting STUFF or anything yet– but the kids and I talk about the baby often.  They all seem really excited and accepting of adding a new person to our family.  They like to muse about “when the baby comes, we’ll have to _____.”  I think (aside from adjusting back to school AND a new baby all at once) they will all adjust just fine.

I also realized yesterday that I have basically ZERO pictures of my belly this time around.  Which honestly is because I don’t feel all that CUTE, but I think later I’ll regret that, so I’ll have to get David ON IT one of these days soon.  Maybe I’ll even share one here?  We’ll see.