Shouldn’t Have Canceled That Order After All

I’ve been joking that I put in an order for cyanide pills when it started snowing the other day, but then saw that it was supposed to be 50’s later in the week so I canceled my order.  It’s not a particularly funny, clever, or even very original joke, but this doom and gloom we’ve been experiencing doesn’t inspire any of those things, anyway, so I don’t care.  Even if it DOES reach 50’s today (doubtful), it’s dark and rainy and gross outside, and we’ve had snow several times lately, and we’ve had approximately two (2) nice-ish days so far in 2011.

I call bullshit.

The kids are home from school today, but David is working.  He also worked the better part of last weekend and most of another recent weekend.  (More calling of bullshit.)  The girls have been bickering since opening their eyes, Marin refuses to even give me a snuggle, and I have to do 11 (thousand) (it feels like, anyway) loads of laundry today.  We are going over to a friend’s soon for a playdate, which may just save my life (see also: cyanide pills).

I’m almost 20 weeks (!! how did that happen??).  I had a doctor’s appointment this week to once again check the cervical length.  It’s still satisfyingly long and closed.  Baby seems to have four chambers of a heart, a brain, a closed spinal cord, and a beautifully measuring nuchal fold.  My doctor is really, really awesome.  He always seems to have all the time in the world (though I know this isn’t true), he hasn’t pressured me once in any way regarding prenatal testing, how this baby is coming out, etc.  He is incredibly intuitive and picks up on every little comment I make, only to later do something to gently reassure me of whatever it was I was fretting about.  Since I’m contracting so frequently and so strongly, I still have to see him weekly for a while, just to make sure we don’t miss anything.

My cat just yawned in my face and breathed her vile cat-breath on me.  Rude.

A few minutes ago, Kate asked me “Mom, can I take a shower?” for the first time ever.  I mean, usually (read: always) I have to tell them it’s “bath or shower day!” and then the older two mostly take care of business themselves.  They also love taking baths with Marin, washing her hair and playing with her, etc.  But Kate just showered on Wednesday night (the kids only bathe/shower 2-3 times a week), so this morning would not have been a bath or shower morning… Is this just a one-time request or the beginning of the preteen daily showering routine?

Oh!… and now I hear them upstairs pretending to be 7th graders.  So… the shower was just part of her role-playing a teenager?  Joan and Kate have such excellent imaginations and will play the same “game” for hours and sometimes days.  Looks like I’m living with two 7th graders for this long Easter Weekend…

[Now the girls just came downstairs– BOTH showered and wearing carefully selected “grown-up” outfits– asking to wear make-up.  Hoooboy.  I might want those cyanide pills after all– for an entirely DIFFERENT reason than I previously did.]


9 thoughts on “Shouldn’t Have Canceled That Order After All

  1. For the snow, you have my deepest sympathies. We’ve had this endless cold rain lately and I am more than ready to get to the May flowers part of spring.

    The make-up thing made me giggle. What was your response? Do they get “play” make-up? Or is make-up verboten until age X?

    • One of these days, it’s going to HAVE to get (and stay) warm, right?

      The girls are mostly uninterested in make-up. They do have some “little girl” stuff that someone gave them for a gift, and they only ask to use it once every 3 months or so. If they’re playing dress-up (or TEENAGER), I allow them to use it, as long as we’re not going anywhere. Today we were going to our friend’s house, but I let them anyway, as we have NOTHING ELSE to do, and it’s so gloomy etc.

  2. Every year about this time the weather forecasters start doing what I believe is suicide prevention – every Monday they predict things will get nicer by the end of the week. They hardly ever do, but I believe it’s a public service that they lie to us so we don’t jump off something very tall to avoid yet another entire week of rainy, cold days in April (May, June…).

    • Ha, ha, I love the idea of weather forecasters doing a blanket suicide prevention of forecasts. Yes, I think that’s exactly what must be happening, because it’s not anywhere NEAR “50’s” today.

  3. The weather is killing me! I put our winter coats away that weekend it was in the 70s, and then I had to pull them out again when it snowed.

  4. My kids freak if they don’t get a shower or bath every day already! THe boys still shower together though, so they save water. LOL
    I think we’ll need another bathroom when they get older.

    I think you guys are getting screwed on the weather! Snow still?!

  5. I might actually welcome back snow if it would get rid of all the darn severe weather. I’m borderline psychotic nervous about tornadoes and so nights like tonight (when there is a tornado watch until 3 AM) I tend not to sleep. I’m SURE that’s normal and healthy…

    I hope your weather improves soon and – whoa! 20 weeks!

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