Friday Bullets

*It’s a sunny-and-blue-sky day here, complete with birds chirping.  I haven’t stepped outside yet, but I did peak at the forecast… supposed to be 67 degrees!  ABOVE ZERO!  Maybe breakfasting on the porch is in our not-so distant future, after all.

*David and I went to South Dakota to be with my grandma on Tuesday and came home Wednesday.  (We left the girls here.)  Wednesday, she had a good, stable day and I felt so much better seeing her.  Of course, right before we were about to leave, her heart started acting up again, beating much too fast, and she spiked a fever.  I felt SICK leaving her when she wasn’t stable.

*I spent all day yesterday wishing that I had sent David home and stayed in SD with Grandma.  She had a horrible night and things were not looking good.  It was awful not being there, not knowing what was going on, relying on people to text me with updates.

*HOWEVER, this morning I got a really good report, and while it seems that things on a critical care floor are very much “one step forward, one step back”, I’m hopeful that she is on the upswing now.  I put on my best yoga pants in celebration.

*The girls got roller blades for Easter and are old pros already.  They rarely step outside now without wheels strapped to their feet.

*Our cat Posie is OBSESSED with trying to get outside.  If a door is open, she’s lurking nearby waiting to dart out.  She spends her entire waking hour (yes, singular) every day planning her next escape.

*Luckily, she’s so docile that when she DOES get out, she’s easy to catch again.  Imma bout ready to just let her be and inside/outside cat though  (It’s the YEOWLING, not the escaping, that drives me to the brink).  If we didn’t live on such a busy street, we would have given up the fight a long time ago.

*David left my pillows in the hotel in South Dakota (I was at the hospital when he checked out).  Those pillows?  Are the ONLY pillows I can sleep on without getting a sore neck, and then a migraine.  The hotel HAS my pillows, a relative that is still in SD will pick them up for me, but that doesn’t help me meanwhile, now does it?

*David bought be a NEW pillow yesterday on his way home from work.  I slept on it last night and have only a mildly stiff neck today.  Which is better than yesterday when I had a severely stiff neck and headache.  I think the new pillow has potential.

*However, the new pillow was $70.  SEVENTY greenbacks.  For a pillow (singular).  He stopped at Kohl’s, so of course it was 50% off (isn’t everything at Kohl’s 50% off?), bringing it to $35, which is more manageable.  (And I know you can do the math, sorry about that.)  But still.

*Yes, I realize it makes me no better than a persnickety, elderly, crabby old lady, that I need CERTAIN PILLOWS to sleep on.  What kind of fussypants bull shit is that?  I hate fussypants bullshit.  I am not a high maintenance person.  Except when it comes to my pillows.  (Well, and my uterus, when I’m pregnant.  My uterus is certainly a fussypants.)

*Tonight we’re taking the girls to the high school Variety Show, which is like their choir spring concert, but with more dancing.  Plus all of the seniors get to do a solo.  When you live in a small town, going to the high school Variety Show is ENTERTAINMENT on a Friday night.  I expect the whole town will be there.

*Did I mention that Grandma had a good night?  I’m going to go cut some tulips for a vase, in celebration.


8 thoughts on “Friday Bullets

  1. Hope your Grandma is still improving! Also, there is nothing wrong with a pillow preference. I have pillow issues myself.

  2. Glad your Grandma is doing so well. Also so glad you got to go to her. Every bit of time is precious, especially with our elderly loved ones.

    And your uterus, your neck and my feet should go bowling some time. Or some special orthopedically supported activity.

  3. Hoping for continued good Grandma reports.

    Don’t even get me started on pillows. I’m sleeping on one that I loathe because every time I try to buy a new one, it’s a bust. They need like a pillow sampler or something, like that lip gloss thing I bought at Sephora recently.

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