Something that annoys me but there’s nothing I can do about it, making it more annoying/frustrating:

CDs and DVDs.  They are not durable.  Not durable AT ALL when it comes to allowing children to handle them.  They scratch and/or smudge so easily, and un-scratching or un-smudging is a pain in the ass and also only works some of the time.  (The main method we use is to rub tooth paste all over the CD/DVD, rinse, and dry.)  And also, I don’t WANT to limit the kids’ access to them; I’d rather they handle choosing and putting in whatever movie/music they want while I sit here in the other (QUIET!) room.

The thing that really sucks is that in terms of being damage-proof, VHS tapes are where it’s AT.  Those things last FOREVER, and unless they get smashed and/or the tape gets pulled out, there’s basically no ruining them.  Seriously, long after life ceases to exist here on Earth, some aliens are going to finally discover our little planet.  When the go through our left-over rubbish, they’ll pull out a VHS tape and VCR and plug it into their on-board electricity maker on their flying-space-rocket-ship machine (can you tell sci-fi isn’t my thing?), and that sumbitch will play just as it does today.  Good luck finding a single CD/DVD that isn’t scratched or smudged though.

I can’t tell you how many CDs/DVDs our kids have smudged or scratched.  Or, wait, YES I CAN.  ALL OF THEM.