Fun Fact Friday: No Kids

*Is today even Friday?  I’ve been off on my days of the week all week.

*Even though my kids were crabby little asshats the entire day before they left for South Dakota, I’ve been missing them like crazy.

*As in: yesterday, I kept bursting into tears.  Which is not at ALL the reaction I predicted I’d have to them being gone.

*I mean, it’s not like I’ve never been away from them before.  I HAVE, and I LIKED IT.

*So I’m chalking up this current bought of Overly Emotional to pregnancy hormones.  I mean, what else could it be?  I have a WEEK to myself and I’m CRYING about it?

*One thing about having no kids around: the house does not get messy.  It’s… kind of mind-blowing.  And amazing.

*I tend to think of the entire world population as exactly my height, only to suddenly occasionally notice that someone is much taller than me (or much shorter, but most people are not much shorter than me).  I then exclaim to the person “Have you ALWAYS been so tall??”  And then I spend an hour a few minutes really noticing how tall they are, only to promptly forget and return to my “everyone is my height” way of thinking.

*This has nothing to do with the kids being gone.  In case that wasn’t obvious.

*This morning I went to our weekly playgroup without my children.  OH YES.  I wish I could do that more often… so much more relaxing.

*Last night I watched all 7 episodes of My Drunk Kitchen and laughed.  And then I watched the latest episode of Modern Family and laughed.  And then I got a text with a photo of Marin on a carnival ride.  She looked so tired that I cried again.  Won’t someone put that poor baby to bed??

*But today I am not very teary.  I talked to the girls briefly this morning and felt silly for ever missing them so much.  They are safe and having fun and what was my problem yesterday FTLOG?  I have a long To Do list and plenty of fun things planned as well, and we could even have Special Married People Time in the morning if we wanted, and ahhhhh it’s nice to have a little vacation from the kids!

*I think.


5 thoughts on “Fun Fact Friday: No Kids

  1. I cannot even imagine. I left my oldest with his grandparents this week, and I do miss him, but still have his sister to deal with, ahem, I mean, spend extra quality time with. 😉 I am excited, though, about the clean house thing you mention. She might get to go away for a week at four, instead of waiting ’til five as originally planned, due to that information!!


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