Home Again

Well, the fallout wasn’t soooo bad.  I mean, sure, they’re crabbier than usual, but we’ve (SO FAR) managed just fine without anyone feeling particularly homicidal towards anyone else.

Of course, at first, they were all a little… sticky… Insisting on (and/or arguing over) being ON TOP of me for much of the last few days.  Behold, their first morning home:

Yeah, pretty much like that.

The good thing was that we had company all weekend, and then the girls’ summer activities started on Monday, so they had very little down time to really get on each other’s (overly sensitive) nerves.  Also, starting our “summer routine” with activities and such is good for all of us.  (Do your kids to better when they have a routine, too?)

Since we had company on Father’s Day, we totally sucked at making David feel like royalty.  The girls and I decided that we’d have a do-over next Sunday for him, complete with breakfast in bed.  Even though his day was lacking in pomp and circumstance, I was able to get a great photo of him with his daughters:

In other news, I tried the Ben & Jerry’s flavor “Late Night Snack”, and I’m now a new person.  It’s a vanilla ice cream with salt caramel* and chocolate covered potato chip chunks, supposedly inspired (or, um, whatever) by Jimmy Fallon.  Normally, I’m a Chocolate Fudge Brownie girl all the way, but this flavor is amazing.  It’s that perfect combination of sweet and salty, with plenty of salt caramel and LOTS of little covered bits of potato chip.  RECOMMEND.

*Do you say car-mel or care-ah-mel?


19 thoughts on “Home Again

  1. That sounds amazing. And I say both- “car-mel” around my family/close friends because otherwise they’ll make fun of me for being snooty. And around anyone else? I say “car-ah-mel” which to me seems CORRECT, phonetically.

  2. Oh I had no idea such a flavor existed – will be hitting the grocery store as soon as possible to try that. It sounds awesome!

    Also, I say car-mel, which actually when saying it out loud to myself I realize I actually say something more like car-mull.

  3. I’ve never heard of that flavour and can’t get my head round the idea of POTATO CHIP and ICECREAM in the same mouthful. How can it possibly not be disgusting? (And no, I can’t try it and see as I’m willing to bet real money it’s not available here in France!)
    As for the pronunciation, I wasn’t aware that /car-mel/ was an option. Is that an American thing? I’ve never heard it pronounced any other way than /car-a-mel/ (even in French, it’s the same)…
    Glad your girls are home – I, unlike you, tend to fall apart and achieve nothing when my two are with their father for anything more than a few hours, so i totaly get how you missed them! Very sweet photos!

  4. I pronounce it phonetically: CARE-A-MEL. I don’t understand why people say it like the middle syllable is not there. Drives me crazy.

    And that is an adorable photo of David and the girls!

  5. I was all set to say how precious those pictures were but then you distracted me with that ice cream description! (I say CAR Mull, btw)

  6. I just wanted to say that if you are up for trying new Ben and Jerry’s flavors, you should totally go for Karamel Sutra. I don’t know how they managed it, but there is gooey non-frozen caramel in the center. To.Die.For.

    Glad your girls are home…

  7. Okay, I really wish you hadn’t told me about that ice cream flavor. Because now? I’m salivating on my keyboard.

    Love the pics!! What an awesome photo of David with the girls. Marin is SO BIG. Like a BIG KID or something.

    Oh and I say “care-a-mel” and I can’t do it any other way.

  8. Care-a-Mel, I think because of a French connection as mentioned above. Sounds like divine ice cream! Love all your pink robes and PJs!! Sweet.

  9. I heard Jimmy Fallon describe how the flavor came to be just yesterday. I am intrigued and will have to try it.

    I love love love that pic of you and the girls!!

  10. Oh, I love that you gave me a platform for the old Caramel Issue. What is wrong with you people? It’s CARE-A-MEL!! (And now your lovely commenters have proven that this is CLEARLY not just a Canadian thing, so we can go ahead and get that argument out of the way….) 🙂
    BTW – wasn’t I just saying that I wanted Ben and Jerry’s ice cream tonight? I came home, and what was in the fridge? A pint o’ B&J’s – whoo hooo! Boston Cream Pie, which I’ve never tried before. I’ll let you know…..

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