So, of course, after posting this the other night, yesterday was much better.  We went to church, and then we stopped at the cemetery to water some flowers (David’s mom and some other relatives are buried there), and I was so content to watch my girls running around on the grass on a beautiful summer morning, in their sundresses, looking so happy and carefree.  The rest of the day was peaceful as well, as if to mock me and my ever-loving complaining.

And hearing all of your stories and commiseration was so comforting too.  What would I do without you, internet?  Several of you mentioned that the whole Fairness Seeking might be an age thing, and I think you’re onto something.  My girls have long been obsessed with it, but it certainly seems to be amped up a few notches lately.

In other news (and, as always, I use the term “news” very lightly), yesterday marked the day I turned 30 weeks pregnant and also the day where I officially feel Hugely, Insanely Pregnant.  I swear, if I hadn’t done this before, I’d be really afraid of HOW IN THE WOLRD I was going to manage carrying around this bellah for 10ish more weeks.

Thanks to pregnancy ads everywhere using women 6-7 months pregnant in their photos, we all have this image of a “full-term” belly being about the size of an actual 28 week belly.  This can make things awkward for those of us beyond 28 weeks gestation, as our belly are SO MUCH HUGER than that cute lady in the parenting mag.  However, just a reminder, we ALL get obscenely pregnant at the end, especially (AHEM) those of us that are extremely short-waisted (and short in general), as our bellies have nowhere to go but OUT.

That’s my long way of saying that I’m entering Obscenely Pregnant Land.  You’ve been warned.

Also, the baby movements have gone from flutters to kicks to harder kicks to OH MY GOD THIS FETUS MUST BE HOSTING AN INDIAN LEG WRESTLING TOURNEY IN THERE.  Seriously, entire bodies go rolling by.  I feel like I can reach down and grab a thigh bone poking from beneath my skin.  It looks and feels so… alien that it’s hard to remember that it’s not a foreign creature at all, but my BABY making my belly look so disfigured as s/he settles into new positions.

And speaking of positions, I’m pretty sure this babe is transverse (which means sideways, for those of you non-birth junkies out there; meaning head under one side of my ribs, buttski under the other side of my ribs).  I’m not too worried about it yet, as Kate (aka: Twin B) spent most of my pregnancy that way, and Marin was ALSO transverse about this time in her gestation.  However, if for no other reason other than it’s getting a little cramped in my Lung Area, I’m going to start trying to get this baby to move.

I know all this fetus-talk is going to have some of you demanding a belly shot, and so I’m here to tell you: I’m on it.  I’ll have David take one today, OK?

And hey, Happy 4th!


5 thoughts on “Better

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  2. I’m glad you had a nice day – I can get to feeling the same way – SOOOO cranky and frustrated with my children, and then have a blissful morning/afternoon and wonder what the heck my problem is.

    Also? New baby so soon! Hooray!

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