While David Was Away

Well, unless something catastrophic happens in the next couple of hours, it looks like the girls and I survived our 5 day weekend with David away.

Our 5 day weekend with David away while I had a horrible cold.

Our 5 day weekend with David away while I had a horrible cold, was 35 weeks pregnant, and COULDN’T CALL HIM because he had no cell phone reception.

The good news is, I didn’t have the baby while he was gone, and he didn’t go into a diabetic coma while being out in the wilderness with no access to immediate medical care, AND my laptop did not die and leave me to an internet-less life while he was away.  WHEW!  Also,


My Survival Plan for while he was gone was to keep myself and the girls busy.  Here’s what we did:

*Spent the morning at the waterpark
*Had lunch with my MIL and SIL and nephew
*Had dinner at a friend’s house while the kids played in her bounce house
*Hired a babysitter and went to Bigger Town for shopping/errands with a friend whose husband was camping with David
*Rented and watched Harry Potter on my laptop on the porch
*Had brunch with some friends
*Took the girls swimming with a friend whose husband was camping with David
*Signed the girls up for VBS at church and was child-free to 2 hours while they attended
*Had our usual Monday playdate this morning
*Took the girls to McD’s for lunch today

So basically, we were home mostly for our afternoon naps (Marin and me) and rest/reading time (Joan and Kate) and for bed.

Keeping busy was definitely a good idea as it made time go by pretty fast and kept the instances of me LOSING MY DAMN MIND to a minimum.  (Only once, for those of you that are curious.  Maaaaybe twice, or one-and-a-half times, depending on how you define “losing one’s damn mind”.  But MINIMAL is what I’m saying.)

David does not have a job where he travels much, and while he works many, many hours per week (seriously, he works more than anyone I know), we’re not usually apart for days at a time.  I’m not sure if we’ve been apart for 5 days before in our marriage, but we probably have.  HOWEVER, we’ve never been apart for 5 days where we couldn’t communicate AT ALL, so that was definitely weird.

Also, no one from the internet flew to nearest Big City, drove to Tiny Town, and ax-murdered us, so that’s a plus!

P.S. I started watching Friday Night Lights (hurray for Netflix streaming!), and all of twitter is RIGHT!  It’s very good.  I cried tears– REAL TEARS– in the pilot episode!


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