Getting Ready (37 Weeks)

37 weeks.  That was a milestone that I was happy and relieved to make.  (David was simply happy to make it back home from South Dakota still pregnant!)  It’s weird, this irritable uterus business, because I’ve been both VERY confident that I would make it to term, stupid never-ending contractions aside, AND YET.  One doesn’t want to get too cocky when it comes to contractions and preterm babies, ya know?

So here we are, officially “full term”.  All along I’ve said I’d love to have this baby before school starts (on Sept 6th), and yet now that I’m here… well, I could be singing a different tune as early as TOMORROW, but right now?  I do not feel ready to have a baby this week or next.

Furthermore, we are not AT ALL ready to have a baby in this household.  As of yesterday, I had not washed a SINGLE baby item.  A few weeks ago David and I rooted around in the attic, pulling out a heap of things we’ll use for the new baby.  David carried it all downstairs and left it in a large pile on Marin’s floor, where it has remained.  We still didn’t know where the changing table or glider would go (baby will share a room with Marin, but we don’t want to go into her room in the middle of the night to change or rock baby); we still had not figured out nailed down the cloth diaper situation; I still needed to buy a diaper bag.

Yesterday, though, we kicked ourselves into gear.  I purchased some cloth diapers and a diaper bag.  We rearranged our room to make room for the changing table and rocker.  I sorted all the baby clothes and blankets and have started washing baby loads.  We prepped the cloth diapers.  I placed an order on Amazon for a few misc other things we “needed”.

In the middle of all of this, I started have contractions– big deal right?  I’ve been doing that for months.  But these felt different- much more ouchy and really low in a strip across my hips.  They weren’t regular at all but were frequent enough that David wrote them down for awhile, sort of half-heartedly.  We both know we’ll probably have many nights of contractions that lead to no where, if my other labors are any indication (hello, prodromal labor, how YOU doin’?).  But it was a reality check for sure.

The good thing is, now David is as motivated as I am to GET SHIT DONE, YO.  And while we’re not physically ready to have a baby in this house, I’m also not emotionally ready to be done  with pregnancy.  YET.  As I said, that will probably change hourly between now and my due date.  Meanwhile, I’ll be over here, furiously nesting the days away.  (You should see my LIST, ya’ll.)

(Me, with that ridiculous belly, with my family and grandparents on the day of Grandma’s 80th birthday party.  I have to admit to feeling a little smug and badass, traveling in that… STATE. )


15 thoughts on “Getting Ready (37 Weeks)

    • Oh, I am SO DAMN CURIOUS about the sex of this baby! I actually had an ultra-sound yesterday (to check placenta position, as it has been low; it’s fine now), and I told David I was going to find out. In the end, I didn’t (can they even tell this late in the game, with all those LIMBS in the way?).

  1. You look so great! I have a ton of pictures of myself at this stage with Bart, as he was born 4 days after my sister’s wedding (in which I was a bridesmaid). Oy, my stomach was ridiculous, but I know what you mean about feeling smug and badass. I think I may have even shown off my badass-ness a little on the dance floor. I hope you get the extra couple of weeks you need!

  2. You look incredible! Also you are bad ass, when I was at 37 weeks I could barely make it three stops on the train, never mind extensive travel!

    Am starting to wonder if with every baby after one’s first the prep time gets shorter. I certainly waited much longer to get things in order with my second than I did with my first. I think if I had a third child I’d probably wait even longer.

    • Yes, I think you are totally right- the first we’re ready by 6 months… by the 3rd we’re lucky to think to wash the clothes ahead of time. Though I guess the first time, there’s so much more to procure; by the third it’s just a matter of locating and organizing it all from storage… the women in my childbirth classes are due like MONTHS after me and already have the carseat installed in their car. 🙂

  3. What a wonderful photo! I can’t wait for baby news! I am excited about the contraction reports, because that means we have more time to anticipate, which is such a fun time!

  4. I can’t believe you endured travel. Didn’t you have to stop to PEE like every half hour, for one thing? And sleeping! Hard enough in one’s OWN bed by the third trimester! You are bad ass indeed.
    And yes, like the others, I am dying to know what you’re having. I don’t know how you can stand it! Though, we didn’t know with Addy, actually, since she always had her legs crossed in ultrasounds. Drove me NUTS. And yet, oddly, it didn’t feel like any big deal when they said she was a girl. My first words were, “I KNEW you were a girl!” Even though I’d said all along I was hoping for a boy, I felt totally unsurprised that she was a girl. And the same with Jameson- I’d thought from the moment I knew I was pregnant that I would like it to be a girl this time, so Addy’d have a sister close-ish in age, but when the ultrasound tech said boy, I felt totally un-shocked and totally un-disappointed.

    • Oh, I thought the peeing while traveling would be a major pain… we stopped once on the way there and then AGAIN because Joan needed to be. JOAN. I was so irritated with her. I think I even said bitterly something about how if _I_ was a million months prego and could hold it, so could she. And for sleeping, I was worried about my hips aching and keeping me awake, so I took a Unisom both nights we were there. Problem solved!

  5. Mary after reviewing your picture and asking her whether or not it was a girl baby or a boy baby: “A boy baby, because I like boy babies.” There, that settles that. 🙂 You’re one hot momma!

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