Rambling Thoughts (38 Weeks)

Instead of focusing on having a baby, I have been obsessed focused on having the cleanest house ever in the history of houses.  My mom so handily suggested that in HER day, that was called “nesting”.  (Thanks, MOM, and we STILL call it nesting, us crazy kids.)  I made a huge TO DO BEFORE BABY list, and we’ve been steadily chipping away at it.  Which is how David found himself laying on the floor scrubbing the table legs yesterday afternoon.  I married well, ya’ll.

But really, every little thing we check off that list makes me feel better, lighter, more ready to have the baby.  All of it was stuff that really should be done periodically ANYWAY, and it just feels good to restart the clock on some of those chores.  We’ve done everything from stripping all the beds and washing the bedding to washing windows to vacuuming cobwebs from the ceiling.

Besides cleaning, I’ve been trying to stay busy in other ways too, scheduling social things, doing fun things with the kids, etc.  It helps to have upcoming things to look forward to, during these last weeks of WAITING and WONDERING.  Staying busy is a survival technique, at least in terms of my mental health.

My stomach is truly ridiculous now.  [A note to those concerned citizens that have reminded me that my stomach isn’t actually ridiculous:  I don’t call it ridiculous in a self-deprecating way.  I only mean that it is ACTUALLY RIDICULOUS how far the human body contorts itself in the last few weeks of pregnancy to make room for baby.  You get to a point where you think your belly CANNOT POSSIBLY be any larger, and then it keeps growing, beyond what the mind can predict or comprehend.  It’s truly phenomenal… but also quite ridiculous in size.  I mean, I look like the weight of my belly should cause me to tip forward onto my belly and be unable to walk.  And while my bipedal movements are more “waddling” than “walking” at this point, I still TECHNICALLY can propel myself forward on two feet.  At least for short distance.]

I saw the movie The Help last night.  We read the book for book club over a year ago, so of course we all wanted to go and see it.  I didn’t have very high hopes for the movie as I loved the book and usually that means the movie will disappoint.  However, this time I really loved the book AND the movie.  It could be that I read the book long enough ago that I didn’t really remember all the intricate plot details that the movie probably left out.  Or it could be that the movie captured the essence of book perfectly.  Either way, two thumbs up!  (I will say that for me, the main difference was that the book was MUCH more intense.  The political unrest of the area at the time was present it every page, and I remember reading it with a pounding heart, wondering if they were going to get caught/killed.  The movie touched on that some, but not with the same intensity.)

The girls start school a week from tomorrow, so this is their last week of summer vacation.  It’s slightly cooler here now (though, other than one really bad heat wave, we’ve had a beautiful summer), and last night we slept with the windows open AND I needed a blanket for the first time in months.  There’s a teensy bit of crispness in the air that makes it impossible not to crave fall, no matter how much one loves summer and does not want it to be over.

I’m reading “Running with Scissors” by Augusten  Burroughs and WHOA is that a messed up book/childhood!  It’s so odd and weird and even disturbing that it’s like rubbernecking at a car crash… only sometimes with this book I want to just LOOK AWAY.  And yet, I’m enjoying it too.  So weird.

I made my first Zulily purchase today; a Sleepytime wrap, for those that are curious.  But now it seems silly because I know how to make a Moby wrap (6 1/2 yards of jersey knit or jersey cotton fabric, cut in half length-wise, and WALLA- you have TWO Moby wraps).  But I haven’t found any fabric that I love to make my own, and the one I have (that I made) is FINE but I don’t LOVE IT, and well.  It was internet compulsive buying at its best.  Plus, one can never have too many large pieces of fabric to wrap around one’s body to carry a baby RIGHT?

(Don’t answer that.)

(Zulily is going to be addicting, I have a feeling.)

Oh!  And we’ve purchased some cloth diapers.  We’re going to start with the gDiapers.  I WANTED to try a bunch of different kinds but the options got so overwhelming, so we ended up just stocking up on the small size of gDiapers for now.  We’re using the cloth inserts, not the disposable ones.  I figure we’ll only need size small for a few months, and then I can resell them, and resale value is pretty high especially on new/current gDiapers, and well.  I also have a bunch of different kinds (mostly trifolds, I think) that a friend lent me, so we’ll try those out too.  David isn’t a huge fan of trifolds as he thinks they are too bulky…  We’ll see how it goes!


7 thoughts on “Rambling Thoughts (38 Weeks)

  1. 1. RE: The Help. I loved both the book and the movie, though I agree, the movie glossed over the danger. Also, I was a bit annoyed in both the book and the movie with how all the white racists were also jerks, like all the white people were either nice and pure and for integration or evil villans when I’m pretty sure there were a whole lot of very “nice” people who also were deeply racist.
    2. RE: Running With Scissors. That’s an excellent book to read as a parent because you KNOW that no matter what little mistakes you make, YOU WILL NEVER DO ANY OF THAT.
    3. RE: Cleaning. When you run out of things to do around your house, come on over!

    • I agree about the racists in The Help. I think the one exception is Skeeter’s mom… she clearly ended up siding with her daughter in the end (though I don’t remember how that played out in the book).

  2. I cannot believe how quickly a pregnancy goes when it isn’t your own. I’m stunned that it’s been 38 weeks for you already. And I’m sure you’ve felt every single frickin’ minute of the last 38 weeks.

    I’m so excited to meet the newest member of your family and to welcome the wee baby to my extended internet family : )

    • Yes, it IS longer to live a pregnancy. However, sometimes _I_ cannot believe it’s so close to the end either. I go between feeling that way and feeling like it will NEVER END EVER EVER EVER.

  3. I’m glad you liked the movie version of The Help – that seems to be the consensus of most people I know who’ve both read and watched. I plan to see it with a friend this weekend and have high hopes – it’s always touch and go when the movie is about a book that was so well loved.

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