Birthday Girl; Oversupply Issues

On Sunday Marin turned 5 years old.  FIVE!  Oh, I know I say it with every passing year, with every birthday, but wow does five seem old!  If adding a new baby didn’t already make her look suddenly HUGE, turning five really sealed the deal.

(Birthday dinner with David’s parents.)

(Making a wish!)


Her birthday really snuck up on me this year (what? I DID just have a baby.) (Yep, still playing that card.). Luckily, though, we pulled ourselves together enough to have a few gifts for her. The one and only thing she asked for was a stomp rocket, and a stomp rocket she received.

(On the morning of her birthday, with Posie the cat, who happens to share her birthday.)

(With her beloved stomp rocket.  She was so thrilled!)

(JUMP!  Those rocket really soar too- they probably go up 100 feet.)

We also sent out an email (at the last minute) (whatever; JUST HAD A BABY) to invite all of her playgroup friends to join us at the park for cake and ice cream.  In a fit of inspiration while walking through Target, I had Marin pick out a bunch of little things to hide in the park for a “treasure hunt”.  We bought bouncy balls, gel pens, little cake-shaped erasers, adorable wooden whistles, and a big bag of candy.  David hid it all at the park, and the kids had a fun time looking for “treasures”.

I was feeling like we were TOTALLY copping out of doing a “proper” birthday for her this year (JUST HAD A BABY!), but her party turned out great.  So what if it was store bought cake and cupcakes, that it was thrown together at the last minute.  Her friends were all able to come, and she felt special.  That’s all the counts, right?

(It certainly didn’t hurt that the evening happened to be a perfectly gorgeous fall evening.)


So, Olive and I have not had an easy go of it with the breastfeeding.  We’ve had thrush, mastitis, bleeding nipples, spitting up blood, the whole works.  She also spits up a ton.  A TON.  Really, if I didn’t have proof on the scale, I would think there was NO WAY she was gaining any weight (but she is; she was up to 9 lbs at 3 weeks of age).

And then a couple of nights ago she started being really fussy.  Inconsolable for part of the evening, just crying and crying.  We couldn’t figure out what was wrong, and we felt horrible for her.  She still has a stuffy nose (and is still sleeping best on her tummy), but this crying was new and different.

(Tummy sleeping, all curled up.  At least she can breathe this way.)

FINALLY it occurred to me that I have oversupply issues.  I’m producing too much milk (which explains why I can never tell which side to feed her on, even though she only ever gets one side per feeding which means it should be OBVIOUS which side is up next).  I googled it and sure enough, Olive (and me) have all the classic symptoms:  she’s gassy, has explosive poops, spits up a ton, chokes and gags when nursing, etc.

Starting yesterday, I began working to decrease my milk supply by nursing her on one side for 2 feedings (or about 4-6 hours) and then switching sides.  This makes the un-nursed side really full and almost painful, but I guess it has to get really full before my body gets the message that it’s producing too much.  Already today I can tell that I have less milk and my breasts are so much more comfortable and not so damned full all the time.  Olive spent the morning crying though, so I hope she starts to feel some relief soon as well.

(She’s too sweet to be so miserable!)


6 thoughts on “Birthday Girl; Oversupply Issues

  1. Such sweet pictures! Your girls are so beautiful!! It sounds like that birthday party turned out PERFECTLY; it probably wouldn’t have gone as well if you HAD tried to plan it more in advance =). I hope the nursing troubles pass soon!!

  2. Dude, that birthday party sounds JUSTFINE to me. That’s about all I ever throw together for the kids; we have yet to do any roller rink or Chuck E. Cheese or any of that headachey stuff. Just a few friends, a cake which my mom always makes, some other snacks, MAYBE a game or two, goody bags, some decorations revolving around whatever theme the kids have chosen (this year Addy’s is rock star! fun!) and I call it good.
    So sorry about the oversupply. That stinks. My issue is seems to be under supply, so I just have to nurse. and nurse. and nurse. constantly to get it up. And my newborns are a bit fussy too, but probably more from never getting all the way full. But they don’t spit up! So I think I got the better problem. Sorry. 😦 Hope it resolves soon.

  3. You really pulled off that party. That is a GREAT party.

    I can’t believe how old Marin is getting! I think of her as 3. In that picture of her posing with the stomp rocket, I feel like I can see her GROWN UP WOMAN face.

  4. I am catching up since I have been busy with my own newborn…THANK YOU for this post, I think I might have oversupply issues as well! So many of Olive’s symptoms are the same as Lucy’s. Belated happy birthday to Marin!

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