Sometimes, You Just Can’t Think Of a Title. So What?

So, um, you mean you cannot hear the blog posts I’ve been mentally composing in my head the last few weeks?  Really?  Huh.  Well, that explains the lack of comments, then, doesn’t it?  It’s too bad, too, because I had some funny shit to say, none of which I can actually remember right now.  I guess I need to work on my mental telepathy skillz. And don’t feel bad for not being able to read my mind; David has been married to me for 11 years and has yet to master it.

Well, then, moving on. Hi! Here I am! Updating my blawg!  How are you guys?

So, what’s new. Hmmm. Well, Olive had to go and turn into a regular, no-shit BABY. No more newborn blob around here, no sir.  She is a PERSON now. She smiles and laughs and wiggles with glee when you talk to her. And she looks at you with these eyes that actually SEE you, ya know? Like, there’s really someone IN THERE who wants to be included in your conversation.  The first thing everyone says when they see her is “look at those eyes!”  Indeed.

Also, she’s not nearly so fussy anymore. And she sleeps at fairly predictable times. And I can put her down with the Newborn Shrieking of Doom. And riding in the car is no longer a sweaty, stressful event.  And you know what? I never had to let her Cry It Out or sleep train her or any of that. She just needed to be two months old, I think, for all of her systems to regulate, and then she settled in ALL ON HER OWN.  (I’m saying this for any new parents out there that are having strangers tell them AD NAUSEAM that they need to put the baby down more, or cry it out, or whatever other asinine thing people insist on saying to you when you have a new baby.  YOU DON’T HAVE TO LISTEN. You won’t ruin your baby by holding her too much, I promise.)

See?  Sleeping sweetly without being shushed, swayed, bounced, rocked, or otherwise convinced that it’s ok to BE STILL once in awhile.  And she still smiles in her sleep every few minutes:

(As an aside, some of us were talking on twitter the other day… what is WITH people and their frothy, rabid advice-giving when it comes to babies? And then, as the baby grows, they no longer care? What is it about babies that makes people trip over themselves to tell you that you’re DOING IT WRONG?)

So, anyway, not much else has been noteworthy around here, unless you count the fact that… aw DAMMIT. I just typed a whole paragraph about the good things coming out way and then realized that I CANNOT SHARE IT quite yet. I HATE IT when bloggers do that, and I WILL share with you very soon. In the meantime, just know that good things are happening for our family, at a time when many of my nearest and dearest are experiencing hardship, and I am so grateful for our fortune. Can I distract you with more photos of my kids?  SOMEONE likes being a big sister:

She is so sweet with her baby sister.  The only thing I’ve noticed, transition-wise, with her is that she gets extra loud and “look at MEEEEE” when other adults are around.  Oh, and there was that one night when she was being difficult going to bed (this was a week or so after Olive was born), and we scolded her, and she burst into tears and told me, very pathetically, “But Mommy, it’s like NO ONE TOUCHES ME anymore.”  I’ve, ah, been sure to cuddle her often since then.

In addition to being a much friendlier, happier baby, Olive also found her hands.  And last night at work, she was actually trying to grab my coworker’s fork!  What the HELL baby?  Must you rush with the getting big stuff?

Oh! And look! Latch hook is BACK!  Do you remember those?


8 thoughts on “Sometimes, You Just Can’t Think Of a Title. So What?

  1. Oh my goodness happy smiling sleepy baby face. So cute. You are seriously talented at making cute kids.

    Do the girls knit? Might be worth looking into if you think they’d be into it.

  2. I think the abundance of baby-advice-giving corresponds with the abundance of fretting/crying/depression/sleeplessness/complaining/panicking that accompanies a new baby: people want to FIX IT.

  3. I’m glad I can still be happy and excited for you while we walk through disgusting crap around here. Glad to see I haven’t lost my heart. Yet. 😉 Can’t wait to see you all again.

  4. OUCH! Those pictures made my uterus hurt ;-)! You have SUCH BEAUTIFUL children!! I LOVE it when the older siblings are excited about the new baby!!

    Is latch hook really back? Marie has been trying to convince me to buy her a giant ($50!!) latch hook kit every time we go to Michael’s because it has A HORSE on it. I MIGHT be tempted (as long as I had a 40% off coupon), but I’m not sure what we would DO with it when it was done.

  5. I adore your beautiful children.

    Latch hook is back? I will never forget the horse head one I made that I was SO proud of. But, now that I think of it, I can’t remember if I ever finished it…

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