South Dakota, Right Now

There is a sign on the door coming into our hotel that says “Please do not clean your pheasants in your room.”  Hoookay then.  I think I can manage that.

Since Thursday, we’ve celebrated Thanksgiving twice and Christmas once.  Currently, David took the Bigs down to the pool for a swim, and Olive and I are drinking coffee and catching up on our blogs. The TV I’m watching is more clear that the things I’m looking at in real life. Weird.

I just clicked over to the Oprah network and she said “Hurt people hurt people.” PROOOOFOUUUUND.

(Actually, I think that one will stick with me for awhile.) (But I like Oprah best when she’s not TRYING to be profound.)

Thanksgiving Day was unseasonable warm- 60’s I think- and it’s been mild here since. The sun is shining and I can see our van out the window, just waiting to be loaded up with all our stuff to head back to Minnesota.

Every single person that meets Olive says “Wow. She has such big eyes!”  Every. Person. It’s a game for me now, when she meets someone new, I can internally count down to the inevitable comment. It’s not “if”, but “when”.  I love her big eyes, for the record.

Santa came to the Christmas party last night and brought everyone an early Christmas present. I got a Christmas table cloth- the exact one I’d been eyeing on at Target.  Weird. How does Santa do that?

Our room smells funny. Like wet towels.

Our kids have been up late and up early every day since we left home. I think our drive this afternoon will be very peaceful as they all fall asleep.  But first it will be HECTIC and DRAMATIC as we herd them through the process of showering and packing and eating lunch and leaving.

Maybe I should take a nap while the kids swim? Olive is making it look awfully appealing.

Hope your holiday was fantastic. Xoxo.



2 thoughts on “South Dakota, Right Now

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  2. When people see Coop they always say, “OMG LOOK AT THOSE HUGE CHEEKS!” If they are around for a diaper change it changes to “LOOK AT THOSE HUGE THIGHS!” People are funny.

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