Olive You

My grandma (and many other people in my family) pretty much hated Olive’s name when we first announced it. In fact, when Grandma was here to meet Olive in October, I overheard her talking to my dad (her son) on the phone.  “…well, they’re still calling her that, so I guess they’re going to stick with it. It’s their baby, I guess, they can name her what they want to.”   I wasn’t offended by it, honestly. In fact, it cracked me up.  My grandma is not one to tip toe around things.

When we saw her this weekend, she gave me this hat that she made, saying that it was to make up for throwing a fit over her name when Olive was first born. She also said the name is starting to grow on her. I think the hat more than makes up for it, don’t you?

I cannot be crabby about anything while she’s wearing this hat because every time I look at her, I crack up. It’s perfect.

P.S. EVERY person (really; ALL THE PEOPLE) that meet her say something about her big eyes, as I mentioned yesterday. Looking at this photo I can see why. Holy smokes, I love her.


10 thoughts on “Olive You

  1. Olive wearing that hat can totally knock the crabbiness right out of a person. Who could be cranky looking at that? No one, that’s who. She’s so incredibly adorable and her name is lovely. I’m glad your Grandma is coming around.

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