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So now comes the time of year when I write a post in order to get some free Christmas Cards.  This year, I’m ordering my cards from Tiny Prints.  I’ve been agonizing over which of their cards to actually ORDER, because I like to agonize over this type of decision, and all of their choices make the agonizing all the more, well, agonizing.

I’m not yet sure which card I’ll choose, but I’m drawn to ones that have spots for several photos. I’ve played around with this one:


Christmas Cards Merry-Making - Front : White


I like the message on this one:

Christmas Cards Always Merry Happy - Front : Ivy

I love the clean lines of this one (but the message might be a little to hokey for me?):

Flat Holiday Photo Cards Festive Formal - Front : White

I really love this one even if it means only using one photo:

Folded Holiday Photo Cards Beaded Snowflakes - Front : Ore

This one might work, with a family photo and then individual photos of the kids:

Studio Basics: Holiday Photo Cards Wreathed Monogram - Front : Winterberry


These are only a small portion of the cards that I’ve added to my favorite list over there!  AHHH!  How will I ever decide?  (Don’t even get me started on the photo books that I have yet to make.)  There are many, many, many other option available if you go here.

This year is especially fun to plan and create our holiday cards because we have a NEW BABY to show off (no, I DIDN’T do birth announcements, why do you ASK?).  Even though social media makes photo sharing so easy, I still want to  “introduce” her with our card this year.  And as much fun as cards are to send, they are even MORE fun to receive. I hang them all up on our french doors between our dining room and living room. They usually stay up until February or March because I love to look at them, especially the photos.

Do you usually send holiday/Christmas cards? Just a card? A photo card?  A letter too?  I like to send photos and a letter, but some years I simply cannot get a letter together.  So far this year I haven’t made it past the dithering over the card choices yet, so we’ll see.




7 thoughts on “Tiny Prints

  1. I send cards, sometimes, but generally I tell people happy holidays if I see them. I receive one card every year, from my Mum, and that’s normally it.

  2. Your cards are going to be gorgeous no matter which ones you pick! Lucky you, getting to get free ones! 🙂

    I send cards (fewer each year, it seems), and usually do a photo card. It’s a pain getting that perfect shot, though. A real pain. I haven’t started yet for this year, ACK. I don’t normally do a letter. Any more, I figure everyone knows from FB what we’ve done all year!

  3. I’ve only been doing photo cards for the past few years, and not consistently at that. I was actually hoping to get the pics done today of my kids, but it didn’t work out. Tomorrow is another day!

    Picture cards and letters is a decidedly American tradition, and being an American living in England, I feel it is my duty to carry that on. I try.

  4. For what it’s worth, I like 2 and 4 the best – but they are all pretty great!

    I always send out Christmas cards. Last year was the first year I ever sent out a photo card, and I am feeling pressure to only send out cards if they are photo cards even though we don’t have a good photo to put on a card. So I may not send out cards at all. (Logical, right?)

  5. I ordered mine today on Tiny Prints, thanks for the suggestion, got a good deal on 20% and free shipping too, or maybe that’s just what they want me to think. Looking forward to getting yours and being jealous of your mad photo skills…..

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