So Christmas Came… and Then It Went

A few days before Christmas, when I was getting nerved up/stressed out about all the things I had left to do, I was feeling REEEEEALLY unmotivated to load up my little (big!) family and drive 550 miles to spend the holiday away from home. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to see my kin, or that I don’t like going, but it was starting to overwhelm me with how much WORK it takes to get out of town with this many kids PLUS all the gifts, and winter gear, and baby stuff, etc etc etc.

And then I remembered that Christmas Day would come… and then it would go. We would spend the day in the car, and it might SUCK, but it would soon be over. And we’d get to see family and eat good food and then it’d be over. Like, it seemed COMFORTING somehow that all the work and preparation would be OVER because Christmas itself would be OVER.

This makes me sound like I was wishing Christmas to be over, and I WASN’T. I enjoy it. But it’s somehow good to remember that it ENDS and the craziness ENDS and then normal life resumes. Am I even making any sense? (DOUBTFUL.)

Anyway! Moving on! How about some photos, yes?

Olive got baptized. And she was pretty pumped about it, as you can see.

Marin (and Joan & Kate) were angels in the church program. Here’s Marin, in front of the whole church, screwing around showing the other angels how to fly. SIGH. At least she’s cute?

Kate and her baby sister. Yes, it’s grainy. No, I don’t really know how to use my camera. But I still love this one.

Oh, just hanging out with Olive one morning. No big.

Santa Baby, and her big sister. I made Olive wear that hat around town and on our trip in the days before Christmas. Why? BECAUSE I CAN. Babies. So easy to push around.

Holy crapola,  you guys. I have four kids. FOUR. KIDS. And the all four started out exactly the same: Female, bald, and pukey.

Our family on Christmas Eve. I have no idea why there’s an American flag featured prominently in the background.

This was our drive into the Black Hills (from my mom’s house in Rapid City, which is in a valley) on Christmas Eve. We were on our way to go to a little country church with my dad for candle light service. And there wasn’t even any added bullshit this year! Score!

Baby’s first Christmas morning! I totally wanted to let her rip into that gift, but it wasn’t TIME yet, and we’re TOTALLY the kind of family that opens gifts one at a time while everyone else watches. There are RULES to follow, is what I’m saying.

My girls, ice skating at sunset on Christmas Day. This was possibly the highlight to our trip, and I’d like to do it every year. (It helps that the weather was SUPER MILD- like upper 40s.)

All in all, our trip to South Dakota wasn’t bad. There were a few moments of total asshattery, but isn’t there ALWAYS when it comes to family-of-origin gatherings?? Olive did fine in the car; it was more tense traveling with a baby who fusses (and sometimes screams), and we definitely stopped more, but we made it.

Anyway, I hope your holiday was wonderful, and if not wonderful than just pretty good. Also, if I’d love to hear what your favorite gift was this year, if you’re willing to share. Mine was probably the necklace David got for me with all four girls’ names. Though it’s not actually HERE yet, so BOOO on that. I also got Smartwool socks and a Fiesta serving bowl with a lid and a Fiesta serving tray. Score! (Why do I keep saying “Score!”???)