It’s Spriiiiiiiing!

Well, not really. But it FEELS like spring, what with the 50 degree days (yes, there is an “s” there. SEVERAL DAYS, weeks even, of this glorious weather.) If winter always was like this here… well, let’s not think of that because the idea of what my life would be like makes me weepy, and I’d much rather just ENJOY these nice, sunny, mild, 50 degree JANUARY days.

(I can go for WALKS. OUTSIDE. WITHOUT A HAT. And I’m a hat-wearer until, like, May usually. I don’t like to be cold.)

This year is off to a good start, what with the new job, and happier-by-the-week baby, and the not-cooped-up big kids. And the weather. I mentioned that already, though.

Even though we are not buying anything new, I felt like the new job, first paycheck, etc deserved some kind of nod, so I  signed Joan and Kate up for ski school at a local ski hill, which allows David three (3!) full Saturdays in a row to ski while they’re at ski school. (After only a couple of hours the girls were already skiing like they’d been doing it since birth, so I’d say it was a success.) As for David, it had been about 8 years since he’d been skiing which is far too long to go without doing something you love.

As of Saturday, Olive can roll both back to belly AND belly to back. She had done neither before that day, and then she up and decided to do BOTH. She’s grabbing her feet and wiggling all over the floor and grabbing toys with intention to shove them in her mouth. She’s still an intense baby, but she’s happily intense now, at least. (MY GOD can that baby make happy screams loud enough to cause wincing throughout the land. Jeesh.) (Speaking of never leaving her, I’ve started pumping every day now, in the hopes that I’ll– SOMEDAY — be able to leave her, if only to go into the next room. I’m saving up milk, one excruciating drop at a time.) (After THREE days I only have 8 oz in the freezer. WEEP.)

On my more trying days with THAT BABY, I’ve often described it as “this baby is ALWAYS! ON! MY! ASS! about something!” She just never lets me come up for air, or take a piss, without totally fussing at me. I’ve been reflecting how certain parts of our kids’ personalities are evident from Day One, because when I think back to my pregnancy with her? Yep, she was always on my ass, irritating my uterus and causing contractions, back then too. I think this baby is shaping up to be the kind of kid that wants to be with MOMMY and MOMMY ONLY for about the next six years. I guess I’m flattered?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m head-over-heels for that child. Honestly, I look at her all the time and think last year at this time you were a mere blueberry-sized ball of cells! My body MADE you. Made those perfect little eyes, made those lungs breathing so easily, made that brain of yours, firing away so effortlessly. Not that it was an easy pregnancy (ha, ha, HA), but it seems like MAKING A HUMAN should require more of a physical feat than simply being pregnant, ya know? The whole thing continues to blow my mind. Those sweet eyelashes! Those perfect little toes! 

Well, SOMEONE is fussing so I’ve gotta run. We’re off to the library for storytime, and I’m wearing ONLY a fleece instead of my parka. AND my car windshield did not frost over last night. WHAT MONTH IS IT AGAIN? (Spriiiiiiing!)



6 thoughts on “It’s Spriiiiiiiing!

  1. I think this baby is shaping up to be the kind of kid that wants to be with MOMMY and MOMMY ONLY for about the next six years. — this is SO the personality of my youngest (and my oldest…) and it can be both awesome and frustrating!

  2. Your weather is enviable! We are awash in rain here (usually but today is surprisingly nice!) I’m not one to be all “oh babies, the miracle of life, etc” but there are still days when I look at my kids and am kind of blown away by the idea that they didn’t used to exist. One day they were nonexistent and the next day, bam, they were a group of cells and then some real kids. Mind blowing.

  3. How do you pump if the baby is eating on the other side?!?! I am not this coordinated. See, this is why I suck at breastfeeding. Obvs I know nothing. Pumping is not fun over here either. I’m trying to get enough for my trip in a few weeks and at this rate the child will have to be eating cheese sandwiches with her siblings an entire day before I get home. FUN TIMES!

    • Well, you put the pump on the breast and use the breastfeeding bra to make it stay there. And then you lift the baby to the other breast. Milk production is amazing that way.

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