Yoga Pants

So, I’m out of the contest, taken down by a two-pack of yoga pants purchased at Sam’s Club. I really know how to go big or go home, don’t you think?

But see, hear me out. I have a certain kind of yoga pants that I loooooove. They are sold at Sam’s Club and ONLY at Sam’s Club if my (fairly skilled) googling skills are accurate. But see, they’re not ALWAYS at Sam’s. In fact, the last 2-3 times I was there, they didn’t have them. I rarely go to Sam’s (1-2 times/year), so this means it has been a long, LONG time since I was able to purchase my favorite yoga pants. Meanwhile, I was pregnant and had a baby and spent many days in yoga pants. And my yoga pants grew very sad and very tired and eventually had holes in them enough that I really shouldn’t wear them at all.

So anyway, I had to stop at Sam’s Club REALLY BRIEFLY before work the other night to return the K-cups David had purchased. He bought them for me- all 80 of them. He had the choice of Caribou K-cups, Green Mountain K-cups, and Folgers K-cups and guess what he chose? JUST GUESS. Yep, Folgers. Well, nothing against “the best part of waking up” or anything, but if I’m buying EIGHTY K-cups, and I have the choice of three brands for the same price, I’m not choosing FOLGERS. Especially when, ding-dong HALLO, there’s CARIBOU in the mix.

So I went to exchange them, and as I was walking through, there were my yoga pants, with only ONE package left in my size. I thought about it, I really did, for all of 3 maaaaybe 4 seconds before snatching them up. Then, since I was officially out of the contest ANYWAY, I bought some rolls of tape. Tape and yoga pants are what brought me down.

Like I said, I go big or go home, y’all!

So, we’re out of the contest, and I’ll happily be bringing a meal to whichever family wins. I’m sort of RELIEVED that I CHOSE to be out as I’ve been living in fear of buying something without realizing it until it was too late.

And now I’ve written an entire post about yoga pants, and my devotion to a variety only sold at Sam’s Club, and how yoga pants made me a LOSER. THE SHAME!

Also, completely unrelated, but my baby? She feels the need to HOLD ON to everything. I know this is somewhat common in babies her age, but she’s far more intense about it than any of my other babies were. When she’s nursing, she clenching my shirt. When I change her diaper, she grabs onto my hand and won’t let go. She constantly get gobs of the girls’ hair in her sticky little fists. I don’t know… I think she realizes she was born into a busy household and she better HANG ON or be lost in the shuffle. Poor girl!

Who, ME? Nah. See, while I’m young and my ideas about evolution are not yet fully formed, I’m not convinced my mama isn’t part ape (have you seen her LEGS?). JUST IN CASE she wants to start swinging through the trees mid-feeding, I HOLD ON. I mean, wouldn’t you?

P.S. A mere HOURS after writing that last post about our BEAUTIFUL WEATHER, it turned cold and nasty here, getting colder and nastier by the day. Today when we woke up it was -11, with windchills around -30.  I didn’t even leave my HOUSE today–nay, my BED– it was so cold.


13 thoughts on “Yoga Pants

  1. I know the VERY pants you are talking about, and I approve of your purchase! They are worth it. They haven’t been at our Sams the last times I’ve been, and I would love new pairs. I have a hole in mine, too. And they are great pants. You should have bought TWO packs so next year you can win the challenge!

    • Right. And the other thing we noticed was that we could, as a group, justify almost any purchase. Our contest wasn’t focused on not spending or saving money, but rather on not purchasing more STUFF to bring into our homes. It was a fun challenge, but sometimes practicality wins. However, I’m more hesitant to say that I “NEED” something… I need basically NOTHING, in the true sense of the word “need.” Anyway, it’s fun to have a challenge, even if you’re a loser-loserpants like me.

  2. Well, I don’t know you at all, but as soon as you posted about that contest, I was like… uh… how in THEE HELL does someone actually do that? NO purchases (except the aforementioned exceptions)?? I am not even very spendy and that seemed very very impossible to me.

    So I say thank GOD for the yoga pants. 🙂 Stay warm!!

    • Well, mostly you’d have to rely on 2nd hand things, or borrowing from others. But certain things (like underwear) (or yoga pants, really) are hard if not impossible (or, in the case of underwear, a little gross) to buy 2nd hand… I don’t know. I like the idea of bringing very little new STUFF through our door, because once it’s IN HERE it’s so hard and time consuming to get it out again. A contest like this made us all more mindful of what we buy and why.

      P.S. I love my yoga pants. 🙂

  3. Now I kind of want to go find a Sam’s Club and get some of these yoga pants. At 2 months postpartum, the two cheapo Target pairs I have are looking pretty lame.

    And I told my husband about the contest and he wants to do one now. Then again, he only shops on holidays and still wears T-shirts from jr. high so I don’t think he would have a very hard time with not buying anything new.

  4. “Have you seen her LEGS” = snorted my tea all over my keyboard.

    Sorry you lost the contest but congrats on the great luck of finding your favorite yoga pants! Totally worth it!

    I would think, for me, the point of the contest wouldn’t be to win, necessarily, but to really become aware of how many new things I buy and to think carefully about the purchases I might make mindlessly.

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