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A few weeks ago, Seester had a baby, her first. I have been DYING to meet my new niece, but you know, four kids, long drive, nursing baby ETC has delayed my trip for a few weeks. (A few very long, very sad weeks– it must be mentioned– because seriously. My sister had her first baby. I NEEDED TO BE HERE.)

So, we’re here. We realized earlier in the week that our kids had a long weekend. David did some fancy footwork at his j-o-b, and we set off. I’m sitting in my mom’s living room right now! Hi from South Dakota!

It was so worth the drive, you guys. SO WORTH IT.

Seester is a mama now! And Olive has a new cousin only a few months younger than she.

And you guys? This baby? HAS HAIR. I’ve never birthed that type of creature myself, so I might just steal this one when it’s time to leave. Or offer my sister a 4-to-1 trade? Or buy Olive a wig?

I’m in love.

You know what’s weird? This baby looks a) EXACTLY how I pictured my sister’s baby would look, b) familiar to me somehow and c) also how I always thought MY OWN babies would look. And yet my own babies? Looked NOTHING like I imagined and did NOT look familiar to me at all when they were born. Odd, huh?


8 thoughts on “View From Here

  1. Wow. She is so beautiful! And your joy of being an aunt is very, very cool.

    How do you get your photos like that? All bright and white and soft? Please share.

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