Help Me Decide!

So, it’s that time of year again, where the county fair is just around the corner, and despite promises to myself otherwise, I’m not at all ready with what photos I will enter. As in past years, I’ll post my contenders here and count on you to help me decide.  You have not led me astray yet, friends.

Ok, so here we go (vote for two):

1. Sisters:

2: Strawberry picking

3: A little tune

4: Backyard swimming

5: Apple

6: Eyes

7: Yawn

8: Curls

9: New Mama

10: Old soul

And lastly, I really love this photo for sentimental reasons, but I’m not sure it’s photo contest worthy:

11: Four sisters

The titles are just to help you vote, not me trying to be all profound or something.

I’m feeling a little uninspired this year, but I know if I skip it all together, I’ll regret it, so I appreciate your help!


26 thoughts on “Help Me Decide!

  1. You make it nearly impossible, you know. 🙂 Ugh. I would say that Yawn is amazing, New Mama is beautiful, I love the Strawberry picking one (the heart shaped strawberry smack dab in the middle!), and I love the eyes in Apple. Good luck!

    • It IS fun! You totally should. Our county fair is held in our town, so that’s where these are going. I’d love to do the state fair sometime, but their submission dates and times are usually unattainable for me (weekday, over 1 hour away, no nearby parking, 4 kids, etc.) Someday!

  2. New Mama, and then I can’t tell. I LOVE 4 sisters, but I might be biased because I know you/them. If not 4 sisters, then Backyard Swimming or Apple.

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