The Last First

Well, she did it. She went and turned ONE on us, going from this:

To this:

All in just twelve short months. Crazy! (And what a difference a year can make!)

We had a party for her in our yard, and it was great. Lots of friends, lots of kids, beautiful weather. David hung all of these festive paper balls around the yard, and there were several birthday banners, and bunches of bright flowers on all the surfaces, and it all looked great. (Or as great as a dead yard and a dead garden can look after a hot summer of no rain.) (Sigh.)

We did our traditional cereal pit for the babies:

Our tiny yard was just jam-packed with grandmas and grandmpas and baptism sponsors… and our playgroup friends. There was a moment when everyone was all gathered around her, singing happy birthday, and I looked at all their faces smiling for her, and I realized how lucky she was, to be born into a community of so many great people, of so much love. To have all these other moms and dads and kids around, doing life with our family, happy to celebrate her first trip around the sun with us, was the warmest, best feeling.

And due to the constraints of our small yard, I didn’t even invite everyone I could have. How do we know so many wonderful people in one very small town? We are the luckiest… there were so many lonely years here in Tiny Town when the twins were little. If only I could whisper to myself back then “Hang in there. Have faith. Your people are coming!”

I made a video of Olive’s first year, if you want to watch it. (Warning: there is a short clip of her birth, if that kind of thing squicks you out. If you want to skip it, start the movie at about 1 minute.)

(Oh, you guys! A whole year! My baby! Etc etc etc!!)


12 thoughts on “The Last First

  1. Happy birthday to Olive (and you!). Watching that video brought tears to my eyes – what a fantastic birth and a fantastic family you have. It made me think of my own daughter’s home birth and her upcoming 1st birthday in November. But November is AGES away…right?

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