Giving All the Thanks

I’m not sure if it’s because it was so early this year (SO EARLY!) or if time is just slipping away more quickly now that we have four fully mobile, active children OR WHAT, but wow, Thanksgiving has come and gone and I’m still back in mid-October somewhere, in my mind.

How was your Thanksgiving? Our was… good. It was. It was pretty calm and simple and no one barfed (of my kids, anyway) and no one fought (except my kids, of course they did, can we talk about the fighting over where to sit in the effing CAR as if it MATTERS OMFG) and there were some good laughs and I got to snuggle my very adorable 10 month old niece and visit with lots of family that I only see once a year and yes. Yes. It was good.

It wasn’t a noteworthy year by any means, unless you account for the fact that my 81 year old grandma turned to me at lunch (there were seven of us out for lunch with no children which was BLISS) and asked “Marie, have you heard of Fifty Shades of Gray?” And I wasn’t sure WHAT kind of trap I was walking into, because while my grandma is very cool and wise and wonderful, she ALSO thought Goodwill Hunting was the WORST MOVIE EVAR when my college-aged cousin and I foolishly rented it one year, because she COULD NOT get past all of the swearing. (They use the f-word quite frequently, in case you haven’t seen that movie in awhile.) So I wasn’t exactly sure HOW she would feel about erotica, much less erotica based on BDSM, much less BDSM EROTICA THAT WENT MAINSTREAM. But… she loved it! She read all three, had my grandpa (age 82) read the first one, and as she said, “has all the church ladies reading it too!”

Oh, my. I might have to revise that statement above that said that it was a mild Thanksgiving without anything noteworthy to report, because now that I’m thinking about it, I think Thanksgiving 2012 will forever be The Year We Discussed Christian Gray With Grandma. I also must say that I give her kudos for a) reading it b) reading it with an open enough mind to finish the trilogy without getting all Goodwill Hunting righteous about it first, and c) TELLING THE LADIES AT CHURCH TO GO READ IT AS WELL. I’ve always loved my grandma’s ability to have frank, open conversations about anything, and I really hope that when I’m her age, I have her moxie. 

Anyway, erotica talks with the elderly aside, it WAS a pretty low-key weekend. And it’s kind of NICE to have Thanksgiving over and still have some time before the calendar flips over to December 1st. 

As with everyone else that write these little BLAWG posts, I am thankful for so much, and I’d be remiss (with myself) (for myself? I’m getting confused here) if I did not take time to reflect on all of the good in my life. My twins that are turning into tweens (I still roll my eyes at that word) more every day (they requested “side bangs” at their last haircut), and how delightful it is to watch them become a little more of themselves all the time. Marin and her still-chubby, kissable cheeks, her kindergarten awe, her thoughtful tidiness and love of order (and pleasing her mother). Olive, and how she looks at me and I can tell she just KNOWS stuff. The light is on inside her head; there is definitely a real person living in there now, with ideas and opinions and lots of baby signs mastered to communicate these things to us.

But mostly this year I am really thankful for my husband. He really is one of the good ones. Have I told you guys how he can’t even watch SoA with me, because he’s such a straight arrow that all of the law-breaking by the “good guys” drives him INSANE? While I would love to keep watching that show with him as our “thing we do together after the kids are asleep,” I find his sense of right and wrong is very appealing and sweet. But what really has endeared me to him lately is his willingness to be Olive’s primary nighttime parent now that we’ve decided to nightwean. He doesn’t even sleep in his own bed half of the time! Add in the sheer delight those two have for each other now, the glowy bond they have? Put a fork in me, I’m done.

Of course, beyond my little (big?) family, there’s so many more things to be thankful for. Our home, modern heating capabilites (it’s 14 degrees and windy here today, yo), the community our friends have created (could be a blog post all on it’s own), David’s good (new!) (ish) job, meeting many of my internet friends, etc etc etc. I wish I could take some of these snapshots of my life and email them to 1996 me, the me that was SURE I’d never get married, never be able to get pregnant, never have THIS VERY LIFE I HAVE NOW. It’s exactly how I dreamed it, but better, and boy. Life is good, soooo good, even if all the church ladies in South Dakota are reading erotica. 

(I chuckle a little every time I remember that my GRANDMA read and loved Fifty Shades!)

Olive and my niece, in matching Christmas get-up thanks to my mom. 🙂