There Is Zero Attempt At Titling or Segueing Here

1. Sleeeeeep: Our night wean, as I think I’ve mentioned, has been a success. Olive now PREFERS David to put her down at night, and if she wakes, she easily goes back down for him. Nursing overnight is no longer an option for her, so she is sleeping much better and has TWICE slept through the night without any sleep training whatsoever thank you very much all to all those “experts” out there that say that you MUST do it or you ruin them for LIFE. Ahem. But anyway, sometimes David settles her back down in her bed, sometimes he climbs to the attic to sleep with her there; the point is, we are all SLEEPING at night.

I… you guys? HOW did I DO that? Well, I mean, I just survived it, right? Just got by, one day at a time? Because NOW, now that I’m all filled up to capacity with sleep, I feel all I AM GETTING SO MUCH DONE DURING THE DAY WHY HAVE I BEEN SO LAAAAAAZY THIS PAST YEAR THIS IS NOT HARD TO JUST DO THINGS AND GET THEM DONE DONE DONE. It’s like I forget that the reason I wasn’t very productive was because… I was getting sleep in 45 minutes- 2 hour increments, all night, every night. This– this right here– is PROOF that we cannot be trusted to remember our children’s infancy. Only a month ago I was that sleep deprived version of me– ONE MONTH– and daily I have to take a second to remind myself why I am more productive now than I was then.

In any case, sleep is glorious. Sleep is delicious. SLEEP IS MY BITCH… I love it so.

2. We… oh, man. Listen, ok, we have never ever bought a tv in our almost 14 years together–NOT ONE, you understand? We were using an old 26″ heavy (not flat screen) one my parents gave us in our family room. The tv in our bedroom is a tiny flat screen that David MADE out of a computer monitor that literally goes months without being plugged in, and we had my dorm room tv (nearly 100% unused) in our attic. So… ok. OK. WE BOUGHT A BIG GROSS TV THAT TAKES UP THE ENTIRE FAMILY ROOM. WE DID. I LOVE YOU BLACK FRIDAY SALES!!

And you know what? ….It’s pretty awesome. There. I said it. I have a huge tv in my house that’s literally 20 inches bigger than it strictly “needs” to be, and I love the living shit out of it.

Also, it has 3D, which will make for some fun family movie nights.

3. We also own an all-white (fake) Christmas tree as well as a real, traditional Christmas tree and suddenly we are that family with two trees and I’m not really sure how we got here or how I feel about it. But! The kids really wanted a tree in our family room (where the toys and the tv are), and I was not willing to give up the tree in the living room (where the fireplace and front window is), so one of our Advent activities was to pick out a small tree for the family room. The girls totally picked the tree and ornaments and decorated it on their own, and I must say that it turned out pretty cute. They went with a  hot pink and turquoise theme, which is great against the white, and they put a glittery pink butterfly as the topper, and the whole thing turned out, well, ADORABLE if I do say so, even though glittery butterflies are pretty much the VERY LAST THING I’d choose to top the tree, me. And it’s true that the family room is much cozier this December.

(Two trees! Elf of the shelf! Huge tv! WHO ARE WE??)

4. Tomorrow David and I are heading out to hopefully finish ALL of our shopping. I’m willing to make a few Amazon orders afterwards, if necessary, but other than that I want to be D-O-N-E. I’m also hoping to swindle David into taking me to Olive Garden for lunch, and LISTEN, if you’re the type that rolls your eyes at chain restaurants, know this: I roll my eyes at chain restaurants TOOOOO. However, sometimes a girl has specific salad and bread stick NEEDS, needs that ONLY OLIVE GARDEN CAN FILL, so THERE. (I think having a child named Olive makes me crave a) olives and b) Olive Garden like NEVER BEFORE.) (Would naming her Hazel– a top contender for her– have made me crave… hazelnuts?)

5. If you’ve clicked through recently you might be wondering, politely, why in world I seem to be rocking a… FISHING theme over here at Chez TinyTown. And… well, I don’t really have an explanation that makes ANY sense (not even close), but here goes:  I was sick of the old layout, so a few months ago I changed it to a prettier template… that only had one column. I decided no matter how pretty, I NEEDED more than one column and went searching… and alas THIS is what I landed on. *Shrug shoulders* I fucking HATE fishing (the smell of fish and worms are two of my WORST SMELLS, for one thing), but if you can ignore the… well, the FISH, I guess it’s not so bad? (Why yes, quality control IS at an all-time low over here, WHO’S ASKING?)

ANYHOWS, this post needs to end as I have a big tv that’s not going to watch itself, you know. TALLY HO!

[Alternate Ending:  insert proper fishing quip here, since we’re obviously not fox hunting.]

[FOX! Now there’s a theme I could get behind.]

P.S. I ALSO updated the about me page with newer photos of the kids. There might be a damn WORM ON A HOOK bobbing around, but those photos are RECENT.