I once had to write a paper in college about my biggest fear. Seeing as how I was, at the time,  living in an apartment where bats routinely flew at my head juuuuust as I dozed off to sleep, causing me to literally weep with fright (and also scream), you’d think WILD ANIMALS FLYING AROUND IN MY HOUSE might have been an obvious choice. (It, in fact, took years after I moved to overcome the bat situation, wherein even if I so much as saw a ceiling fan out of the corner of my eye, I’d shriek and cover my head, thinking another bat was flying at me.) (Who am I kidding? I’m still not over it. Bats in my house? NO NO NO NO NO.) (I’m cool with unexpected ceiling fans now though.) However, the topic I chose was Being Misunderstood. Don’t we all wish I could pull excerpts from that gem about now: 19 year old me, trying to sound thoughtful and insightful and a tinge whimsically romantic (the TA who taught that class was HOT, y’all), all while revealing insights about my biggest fear (and probably hoping he’d fall in love with my vulnerability). I have no idea where that paper is now, which is for the best, I guess. Some things are best left undiscovered.

But anyway.

I’m not sure if being misunderstood is still a fear, per se, but it’s something I strongly dislike and get frustrated by. Which is why I took that last post down. I can handle disagreeing- can, in fact, be quite opinionated- but when the conversation ends up being arguments that I AGREE with, or arguing against points I never made (or never intended to make)… well. I guess I just wasn’t sure how to handle it anymore. I responded to some of the comments, but not everyone was reading the comments. I kept thinking that if the conversation was happening in my living room, it would have been animated, but not HEATED. Ya know? No one would have felt “off put” or “slapped.” Topics like this rarely work in the blog format because there are just too many people in the conversation. In my living room, there would only be a handful of us, and body language would be a factor (body language is a HUGE factor when discussing touchy subjects, I think), and no one would think I was comparing CIO parents to WIRE MONKEYS, ftlog.

I was quite impressed with a number of people who were able to make calm and thoughtful points  in a friendly and conversational tone, even though they disagreed. Thanks for that, ladies. And I realize the post was flawed, so it’s not that I think the comments were wholly unfair. (Some were unfair, but lots were reasonable.) Again, in my living room, it would have ALL been friendly and conversational. I’ve never taken down a post before (or deleted comments), but man was I relieved after I took that one down.

Finally, I feel the need to confess that I DO equate bottle feeding parents with cold, heartless wire monkeys.



P.S. I realized, after reading many of the comments, that I live in the Land of Ezzo, if that helps explain anything.