April Was a Bust

Let me describe April for you:

It rained.

It was cloudy.

It was almost never above 30 degrees.

It snowed.

And rained some more.

And snowed some more.

It was dark and cold and wet and miserable.

And then my friend’s baby got cancer.

And it was still snowing.

And it was still dark.

The sun was out only a few days the whole month.

It just kept snowing and then raining and then snowing.

My friend’s baby’s cancer was worse than we first had hoped.

We spend hours organizing ways to help her, to help her whole family, but we can’t really help because her little baby has cancer.

It was sunny and warm. For three days. And then another cold front moved in.

We delivered May Day baskets in a snow storm.

We got 8 inches of snow and had a two-hour delay to school on May 2nd.

It felt like the cold, dark days would never, ever end.

I was in a foul mood. Often.

Complaining about the weather is boring and unoriginal and uninspiring and it depresses me even more every time I do it, and YET. This “spring” has really sucked you guys, and I don’t even know how to communicate that anymore.


Today dawned sunny and was 39 degrees when I took Marin to school. Cold, but at least it LOOKS like spring from my perch here on my bed. Olive is at my friend’s house right now for our Friday morning “toddler drop off”- we each take a Friday morning to watch all the preschool kids from 8-10, then gather at ten for “playgroup” (moms talk; kids play). The fact that Olive is at my friend’s house is the only reason I’ve even opened my laptop this morning. If she were here, she’d be on my lap with her hand down my shirt scritch-scratching my skin from the very moment I sat down to write.

Last weekend I took Kate and Olive to “George Washington DC” (as Marin calls it) to visit my bestie East Coast Anne. It was great traveling with “just” two kids. In fact, I’d say I highly recommend taking a 10 year old if you must travel with a toddler. I loved being in EC Anne’s house, with her kids, part of her daily life, if only for a little while. We need to see each other in our natural habitats, since we live so far apart and our visits are so infrequent, so that we understand each other’s lives. At the same time, nothing about being in her home surprised me. It feels comfortable there. Like my own home. Sort of. I can’t really describe it. And even though I only see her kids yearly, they are familiar to me too, as if I see them regularly. My love for her daughters is natural and easy and familiar, like I said. I don’t know. I’m not making any sense here. Whatever.

Several times on my trip I realized how the word “best friend” doesn’t really describe us anymore, as it’s… more than that? It’s sort of like sisters, only that’s not accurate either since we don’t really having any of the sibling bickering/rivalry/conflict. Though, I don’t really have any sibling bickering/rivalry/conflict with my actual sister, so… All I know is that everything makes perfect sense when I’m with her, and I always come home with a better understanding of myself, my life, etc. The only other person that inspires me in that way is my beloved Grandma, and I’d say putting EC Anne and Grandma in the same category is absolutely accurate.

Also, geography sucks. Why must we live so far apart?

While in the DC area, I also had the chance to see CBHM and her sweet little E. It’s weird that it wasn’t weird at all to hang out with her. Just like at The Blathering last year, it felt normal to be together in the same room. And you know what’s better than meeting up with your internet friends? Meeting up with your internet friends and their children! E is seriously adorable, which is obvious from photographs of her, but seeing the animated version delighted me so much. Anyway, all those (ill-informed) internet nay-sayers need to come have a seat by me, because my blog and social media has only opened up my world and brought be wonderful people and real friendships. I was thinking about how it felt like I’ve known Jenna for YEARS, and then I remembered that I’ve been reading her blog since her pregnancy with E (or maybe even before?), so I HAVE known her for years. The only difference is that now I get to see her in person sometimes, which is awesome. You should meet up with her in person, too, if you get the chance.

So now I’m home and my house is an absolute disaster and toddler drop off is almost over and I need to shower and I miss EC Anne and I should really start some laundry and I need to figure out my girls’ summer schedules and I can’t wait to see Jenna in Charleston in October and OMG I HAVE TO TELL YOU MY LATEST CAT STORY.

But of that list, I think showering is the most urgent priority. MUST. SHOWER.

P.S. That last post about the texting? We kept their Kindles for a few weeks, their wifi now automatically turns off at 8pm, they are no longer texting friends from school (with no protesting, even), and it has all completely blown over. I think that might be the parenting lesson: it WILL blow over.

P. P. S. I didn’t get a shower, by the time I edited and re-edited this. DRAMATIC SIGH.