*My favorite kid-stage is upon us once again. Behold:


Can you even stand it? The two-front-teeth missing is just the CUTEST childhood phase… and one that should be properly revered as the stage that follows it (CHICLET TEETH) is… not cute.

Marin is in first grade this year and is blossoming in school in a way she never really did in Kinder. I think it’s her teacher. While I really like her K teacher, I think the personality of her 1st grade teacher is better matched to her personality (think strict disciplinarian vs cuddly grandma). She even HUGS her teacher- DAILY- and she… doesn’t hug people who aren’t a) family or b) teenage babysitters. So. She loves school, loves learning to read, loves having homework (HOMEWORK AT LAST! SPELLING WORDS! She’s been doing “spelling words” alongside her big sisters for years, and now she’s so satisfied to have a legit spelling list.) Marin also recently started OT for some of the sensory stuff she deals with (mostly food related) (I may or may not write more about that in the future), and she really likes it. She’s old enough to understand that getting help will actually make her life easier, and she’s excited about it.

*Dance, gymnastics, various plays, clarinet, guitar, piano, tennis, basketball,swimming… these are all things Kate and Joan have been involved in so far in 2013. They are at the age where they are officially busy. Our previous policy of “one activity at a time” doesn’t really apply anymore as many things (piano, dance, gymnastic, clarinet) are year round. My grandma said the other day that the next 10 years will be very, very busy, and then it’ll wind down so fast we won’t even believe it. Considering the twins will GRADUATE in SEVEN years (!!), thus halving the number of children living under our roof… I see what she means. So for now, we are embracing their busy schedule, encouraging them to try lots of things, and so delighted in watching them find their way to teenage-hood.


Despite the sassiness and the occasional hormonal door-slamming, we are enjoying these two so much. So much.

*Olive speaks in complete sentences now, filling in with nonsense when she cannot find the appropriate wording. “I got up at 1:30 this morning, mom. And ate Cheerios. And Life. And Aunt Beth painted my nails last night. And unk-o Tim tickles you.” She didn’t get up at 1:30 (thank the good god she usually sleeps through now), she ate Chex for breakfast, and she hasn’t seen her aunt and uncle since July. So, yeah. Complete sentences, but lack of certain concepts.

I both enjoy the STUFFING out of this child and teeter on the edge of GET HER OFF OF ME NOW. She’s still very clingy. She doesn’t particularly enjoy her days with just boring ol’ me. Once her sisters leave for school, she wants to sit on my lap and stick her hand down my shirt. For the whole day. It’s hard to get anything done. She is a nightmare in stores (but we go anyway). But she is so fun and funny and smart and learning so fast. “Sank you mommy for my new DONKEY shirt! I just love it SOOO much” she told me about 10 times today. And FYI: it’s a dinosaur on her shirt, not a donkey.


She also has several “lose teeth,” just like Leah, lies on the living room floor saying “I’m stretching my back. Don’t step on me!” just like Daddy, and regularly gets ice packs out of the freezer for her “sore neck” (that would me MOI). She tells me “I’m prack-a-sing my clare-net” every day (while blowing on a plastic whistle), and she argues with me every time we get in the car about who gets to drive. She legit thinks she should get a turn at the wheel. She lives in a household of five other self-sufficient people, and she is quite sure she’s just as capable as any of us in any given task. She also is still in diapers full-time, but pees and poos on her potty throughout every day. (I am SO not ready for underwear, so we’ll just keep doing things this way.) Oh, TWO. I love you so much.