Easy Like Sunday Morning

I’m not really sure how the stars aligned juuuust so, but I somehow achieved my parenting unicorn this morning: I got up and made it downstairs WITHOUT A SINGLE CHILD waking up to follow me! I know! Our old house has creaky floors, and my kids love to pop up like popcorn in the morning, if they hear I am up. Making it downstairs without them only happens, like, once every two years. I’ve often fantasized about repelling out my bedroom window (bypassing the squeaks in the floor boards) to let myself in the front door for a cup of coffee and quiet before starting the day.

That thing is currently happening that has happened with all my babies: they reach about two years old and suddenly space just opens up in our lives for… things. With all of my babies (and especially the twins, obviously), I’ve felt like the first two years were sodden with baby care; any extra time was soaked right up by the baby, the baby’s needs, or catching up on extra sleep. Any projects, anything EXTRA other than the daily needs of taking care of the family, got pushed aside indefinitely. And when we DID tackle projects during that time, it felt as if we had to use every last cell in our bodies to keep our shit together and get it done.

Then, around age two, we start to get a little more wiggle room in our days. Painting a room or completing a project seems reasonable. Completing something from the “extra” list doesn’t seem like an overwhelmingly bad idea anymore, and we slowly start chipping away at all the things that got put off during Baby Time. (The list is always very long.)

Lately, we’ve been decluttering the SHIT out of this place. Every week I’ve tackled a different area, throwing out tons of garbage and ruthlessly thinning out the rest for a spring garage sale. I’ve decluttered the upstairs bathroom, family room toy shelf, dining room, Joan and Kate’s room, and many of our book shelves. It feels so good to get rid of stuff! (It sucks to have to hold onto it until spring though, but we decided to use any garage sale monies for new patio furniture, so at least we have a GOAL in mind… and it makes calling the donation truck less tempting.) (We WILL call the donation truck to pick up all the garage sale left overs though. NONE of it is coming back into this house.)

This weekend, we are wading through the most daunting of all (or at least the top three, as the basement and attic are also quite daunting): we are emptying David’s office and turning it into a bedroom for Olive. This may not SOUND like such a big deal, but… it was literally knee-deep in… garbage? stuff? The room was so packed that it literally was not usable for ANYTHING anymore. Since David got a new job almost 2 years ago, he has not needed or utilized a home office and it became the catch-all for… EVERYTHING. It is… a huge job. We’ve already spent hours and hours and it barely looks like we’ve made a dent. HUGE SIGH. It will be a cute (very small) room for Olive though. She and Marin are currently sharing, which is working fine, but there are so many toys in the attic that should come down, toys that Joan and Kate LOVED at Marin’s and Olive’s ages, and we currently have no extra space for bringing them down. I mean, we own a giant, beautiful, fully furnished, wooden doll house that no one plays with because we don’t currently have space for it down here.

I’m hoping to have the room completely EMPTY by the end of the day. I’m not even sure if that’s an attainable goal, or if I’m crazy. I am so not looking forward to the day ahead (all the easiest stuff to remove and deal with was done yesterday), so I’m so happy that I was gifted an hour (a whole hour!) to myself this morning. I’ll continue to plot how to make this a regular Sunday morning occurrence… And I’ll be back with before and after photos. (I remembered to take before photos!!)